Beagle Bailey’s Pet Portrait


This sweet beagle was painted as a surprise for ABC7 DC Good Morning Washington anchor Julie Wright for a segment on my pet portraits. Julie had recently lost her dog. I decided to surprise her with a portrait of her darling dog when I heard he had recently passed away.

If you watch the clip (which I hope you do!), you’ll see how Julie tears up, overcome with emotion, when she sees her Beagle Bailey painting. I cried too, moved by her raw emotions.

Having only a couple of low quality photos off of her facebook page, I selected this green shade based on a pillow Beagle Bailey was napping next to.


“I was beyond surprised and overcome with emotion. He is so lifelike hanging in my living room. I think I could just reach up and pet him and grab his little face. The ripple in his ears, his eyes, the detail on his mouth which made him look like he had a little Charlie Chaplin mustache —she captured all of that. My beagle was tricolored and he was also speckled and she detailed that in the coloring of the painting She captured his fluffy fur! It’s hard to believe that she did that not from a photo but from a Facebook photo, it wasn’t even something that she had in her hands to go by.

What Erica has done for me over the last couple of days since given me that painting has brought back a sense of comfort. I’m still a little sad that he’s gone but this painting is so real that it makes me smile.  there’s a piece of him that’s with me now and he sees that I’m continuing to do what I think he wanted me to do and that’s be happy.  He brought so much happiness to my life and Erica has captured that without ever meeting me or Bailey.  She’s given me back something I thought I had lost but will now be with me forever.”

– Julie Wright of ABC7 DC Good Morning Washington


Medium: Acrylic on canvas. Sealed with matte varnish for protection.
16 x 20 inches