Project Description

Lucy’s Pet Portrait


This german sheperd and chow mix lived a wonderful life after a bit of serendipity at the shelter she stayed at as a pup. Lucy’s dad adopted her from an animal shelter in 2003. He’d played with several puppies but not Lucy because she was a little standoffish. He chose another puppy that needed to be sprayed. So he returned a few days later to pick up his newly sprayed rescue dog and out came Lucy. “Wait, this isn’t the puppy I chose”… And a 14 year love affair started. She passed away the day before Thanksgiving 2017.

Some of the photos I used as reference of Lucy had a beautiful azalea bush in the background. My client loves bright colors and jumped at the thought of having such a vibrant portrait of his darling.


“I could not be happier with her portrait. You did a wonderful job “capturing” her spirit. It looks just like her. I LOVE the color we chose. Thank you so much. I loved that when I contacted you, sent the pics, told you my story about Lucy, I felt complete acceptance from you. No judgment, no rolling eyes. You were all in. You seemed honored to paint Lucy’s portrait. Lucy, who meant so much to me.”

– T.H. of Texas


Medium: Acrylic on canvas. Sealed with matte varnish for protection.
16 x 20 inches