Denise’s Bridal Bouquet


This painting was commissioned by a husband in Northern Ireland as a gift to his wife on their first wedding anniversary.

What a treat for someone who loves details – just look at the glass beads! My client was open to whatever background color I chose, and I wanted something calmer to balance, and highlight, the bold colors of the flowers that still would unite the piece as one. This “beige” color is a mix of three different colors.

“Erica, I cannot describe what it means to me! I love your work and I love flowers so my bridal bouquet was extra special to me and to have a painting of it which captures it so exactly and which I can look at forever is amazing. It’s a very special and personal gift which I will treasure forever.” – D.H. of Northern Ireland, the wife who received the painting on their 1st wedding anniversary

“I have to say I was speechless for a minute. It’s quite honestly the most perfect and beautiful painting ever… Really making me think of all the good memories from my wedding day!” – D.H. of Northern Ireland, the husband

Medium: Acrylic on canvas. Sealed with matte varnish for protection.
Size: 16 x 20 inches (40 x 40 cm)