Minerva’s Pet Portrait


This painting was commissioned by a client in Virginia at the same time as Ulysses’ Portrait as a holiday gift for her husband. Quite the opposite of Ulysses, Minerva a little bit “crazy.” She started as a foster kitten that didn’t get adopted and ended up being instead adopted by her foster parents (aka my client). As soon as they adopted her, this cuddly little cute thing turned into a very adventurous wild cat – always climbing on something, sitting in the sink or hiding under the couch waiting to bat at their feet or at Ulysses. Her energy was all over the place in my studio, a delightful change of pace.

I knew Minerva and Ulysses would hang next to each other and yet due to their very different fur colors and features, it was challenging to find a background color that would work for both of them. Given their very different personalities, I also believe they deserve their very own color, yet something that links them both together. The lightest shade of this green is picked up from Ulysses eye color, and Minerva’s fur is what inspired Ulysses’ background color of charcoal gray. A subtle, yet meaningful connection to tie them together.

“My husband absolutely loves the paintings! He was amazed that you were able to take our all black cat and give her so many features. We love them so much, they look exactly like our cats down to the details such as freckles on our orange cat. We are beyond excited to have them hanging in our home and thankful for your incredible work!”

– E.H. of Virginia, repeat customer who’s also commissioned Ulysses.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas. Sealed with matte varnish for protection.
12 x 12 inches (31 x 31 cm)