Ulysses’ Pet Portrait


This painting was commissioned by a client in Virginia at the same time as Minerva’s Portrait. She commissioned them as a holiday gift for her husband. She shared with me that they rescued Ulysses four years ago, when he was four. Today he is eight and a mommas boy, perfect at cuddling, hanging out wherever she is, and also is quiet the talker. Maybe he was a royal kitty cat in a past life because he definitely has that regal essence to him. I loved being in the studio working on him because he had such calmness over him.

The client gave me free range with the background color, a bravery that is always appreciated. I knew Ulysses and Minerva would hang next to each other and yet because of their differences it was challenging to find a color that would work for both of them. Instead, I honored their differences and at the same time linked them together – the lightest shade of this green is picked up from Ulysses eye color, and Minerva’s fur is what inspired Ulysses’ background color of charcoal gray. A subtle, yet meaningful connection to tie them together. Doesn’t the charcoal gray look so good against his orange and white fur and long whiskers?

“My husband absolutely loves the paintings! We love them so much, they look exactly like our cats down to the details such as freckles on our orange cat. We are beyond excited to have them hanging in our home and thankful for your incredible work!”

– E.H. of Virginia, a repeat customer who’s also commissioned Minerva’s Portrait

Medium: Acrylic on canvas. Sealed with matte varnish for protection.
12 x 12 inches (31 x 31 cm)