Pool and Houseview_Erica

With polar vortexes and snow delay after snow delay in the DC metro area, let’s feel the warmth of the Mediterranean sea with the last few photos from our trip to Spain in September (remember part 1 and part 2?)

For one of the five days we were in Spain, I planted myself by the pool and read and played with the kids in the water. It was a rare opportunity for me and I took it. It was so lovely.  Linn tried to lay down and read (one of those dark Swedish criminal stories), but that moment didn’t last long with two kids. Soon she was up on her feet, trowing a ball with the kids or preparing lunch for them.


Every night was a late night. We talked and talked long past midnight with wine, beer, coffee, whiskey and brandy. Here’s another late night with Casey and Mathias in deep conversation. The long hours at the dinner table are definitely always a favorite when with Linn and Mathias.


Linn is such a talented cook, and she always mans the grill. Since we were teenagers, she’s kept a very healthy diet due to having pretty severe allergies to gluten, dairy and egg. While I know she wishes wasn’t allergic to any of it, especially during the 90’s and early 00’s when “gluten free” products were unheard of and restaurant visits left her with eating salad after salad, her servings always look amazingly healthy and delicious.

During this trip I was still on my “gluten free” diet so I ate for the most part what she ate, but I couldn’t deny myself of the amazing pizzas you can get in Europe – especially with seafood on them!

Casey Linn and Cheese

This is one of my favorite photos. It warms my heart so much to see my best friend and my husband getting on so well together, strolling along together and sharing the interest in “going grocery shopping.” That cheese isle doesn’t hurt either!

Grilled Lobster

Lunch time

photo courtesy of 4-year old Nils.

It is SO HARD having your best friends over on the other side of the world, but I always have to remember that I made the choice knowing it would always be tough. It’s never easy hugging good bye and not knowing when we will see each other again. Will it be another year? Or more? We seem to be growing softer with the years, both of us in tears, and even closer. While our ‘good byes’ are hard, they are what they are, and we have to remember that they are difficult because we are so blessed to have each other. 

Until next time!