Daisy and print jobs

The prepping for the Open Studio this Saturday is in full swing. Last week I worked on a pet portrait while baby sitting the printer. I’m very efficient if I say so myself and love to multitask so I brought the big Epson printer into the studio so I get lots of print jobs done at the same time (can’t get the epson working via wireless. ugh).

Erica and the art wall

Casey helped me this past weekend to get all the prints ready and we put together the “art wall” in the living room where framed prints will be on display (pieces I had framed a couple of weekends ago). This wall will be first come first serve type of deal. We also hung all the art and coordinate all the pieces.

framed pieces

Yay. I’m so pleased with how the black frames turned out (see here for an earlier post). The old black frames on Yellow & Red June were a little dinged up after many art shows and I wanted to replace them with better quality. The Single Tulip used to have a light wood frame but I decided to switch it up now that it’s back home from the gallery in N.J.

Framed Unfolding Tulip

Love how Unfolding Tulip turned out in this 19×19 inches frame, exclusive for the event.

Lola and art shipment

The house has been a mess for some time now. There are boxes everywhere and paintings stacked against the walls for hanging. Lola of course loves it when art shipments arrive. She has laid on this box all day, every day since it arrived early last week.

We have a good crowd coming Saturday! The house will definitely be packed with people. I’m so excited. A lot of planning and work goes in to an event like this but now I’m ready to have a fun time, seeing all the people that love what I do and are always so supportive!  If you would like to join us, please grab a free ticket here.