008 – Art and Life with Melissa Townsend

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In this episode we’re talking with Melissa Townsend about her life as a successful full time artist and just kind of figure out her life and how much art means to her and how she chooses to paint and what she paints and how she lives her life. Topics: Melissa and her Art [00:01:41] How does she do it? [00:03:28] Why being creative is a necessity [00:10:28] A typical day for a full time artist [00:12:55] A glimpse [...]

006 – Art, Motherhood & Small Biz Talk with Michelle Armas Part 2

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On this episode we are continuing our fika with Michelle Armas and talk about her creative process and how she’s protecting that creative mind of hers. If you haven’t listen to part 1 yet, I highly recommend it to follow this conversation better. Topics: Recap from Part 1 [0:55] Michelle shares how social media has attributed to her success [2:38] Introvert challenges, being brave and showing your art [7:42] Handling judgement [17:05] You could have done that [19:26] Signing your pieces [...]