FIKA Podcast 014 – Amy’s Self-Healing from Cancer

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Amy McCabe is joining me again for fika to discuss her self-healing journey from a rare form of cancer that has shaped the rest of her life. While serious, this episode is uplifting and may be inspirational for those facing challenges and figuring out otherwise to find resolution. Topics Something wasn’t right [00:02:53] Opting out of western medicine [00:08:14] The Gerson Therapy Technique [00:11:27] Cancer is more than a physical disease [00:16:47] The next stage of healing [00:20:00] Amy’s life [...]

Fika podcast – 011 The Life of a Premier Female Trumpet Player

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How do you become a full-time musician playing at the White House? What does it take and how do you get there? In this episode we’re having fika with Amy McCabe, a full-time professional trumpet player in a premier military band. Topics Amy’s White House responsibilities vs. Childhood dream [00:01:30] Getting a full-time job in music [00:05:42] The drive, the auditions and shifting your mindset for success [00:10:44] Music is cathartic [00:17:29] Spreading joy while touring [00:21:31] It’s [...]