In honor of National Cat Day, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see some behind the scenes photos from when I painted Mr. Kitty Cat.

You got to start somewhere and if you follow me here on the blog you know a painting never gets done in one layer! Here’s the first layer of Mr. Kitty Cat after sketching him out.


I’ve painted a total of three pet portraits for this darling client from Indiana, two cats and one dog. We chose  a very bold aqua/turquoise for the first portrait of her other cat, so to match the paintings, we continued the bold pattern. I had free artistic range and felt Mr. Kitty Cat called out for this aqua/green color. The client loved it!


Working on the details and making sure the outline is sharp and furry.


Mr Kitty Cat - original pet portrait by Erica Eriksdotter

And here’s the finished painting. Such great catitidue, don’t you think!? He reminds me of a mafia boss. Check out more photos here.