Texas bound

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A ton of art is going to Texas today. So happy to ship out an origional painting and 10 prints! 

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Treasured my time in the studio today - my first time in a while.

Sale! 45% off lots of art

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S A L E!! 45% off lots of art! Check out the shop for all items on sale.  Ending production of all notecards and prints - inventory is what's currently available in the studio! (1 to 5 of each print). Also discontinuing these limited editions on canvas!! Selling for $272 instead of $495! One of each left. 

Fika Podcast 015 – Dissing on Pregnancy with Caroline Elliot

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What if being pregnant isn’t really your thing, and it actually triggers depression as you can’t relate to the changes your body is going through? Caroline Elliot is back and sharing her experience of ‘hating being pregnant’ which was just the start of her postpartum depression that lasted over a year. Grab your cup of tea for an honest and lighthearted discussion over some fika. Topics Hating being pregnant and keeping it inside [00:02:47] Not relating to any [...]

FIKA Podcast 014 – Amy’s Self-Healing from Cancer

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Amy McCabe is joining me again for fika to discuss her self-healing journey from a rare form of cancer that has shaped the rest of her life. While serious, this episode is uplifting and may be inspirational for those facing challenges and figuring out otherwise to find resolution. Topics Something wasn’t right [00:02:53] Opting out of western medicine [00:08:14] The Gerson Therapy Technique [00:11:27] Cancer is more than a physical disease [00:16:47] The next stage of healing [00:20:00] Amy’s life [...]

FIKA PODCAST 013 – Spiritual House Cleansing with Cherie Young

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In this episode we are having fika with Cherie Young, a masterful healer and teacher, and talking house cleansing and the importance of cleaning both on a physical and an energetic level. She shares lots of different examples from the little girl with night terror, to the remodeling jobs that were completely trashed and the transformations cleansing has made. Topics About Cherie and that biz card [00:01:51] What is healing and how to pick your healer [00:05:07] What [...]

Fika Podcast 012 – Cat and Small Biz Talk with I HAVE CAT

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In this episode we are having fika with Tamar Arslanian of the successful cat blog I HAVE CAT. How did it become a success, what opportunities has it led to and what have been the key to success for it? Topics How a passion grew into nearly 100K followers [00:01:28] Social media matters for small businesses [00:13:33] Cats, the gateway animal [00:19:36] Opportunities and name dropping [00:21:03] Cat medical advice [00:26:02] The key to Tamar’s success [00:29:01] Tamar’s [...]

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