Yes, and it’s fun and easy, and superthoughtful! They make for the perfect birthday, anniversary and holiday gift, or just because

You can either give the gift of a finished painting where you’re part of the full process from start to finish (you’ll need high resolution photos, decide on the canvas size and pay down payment to order), OR

You can give a gift certificate and let the recipient be part of the full process. The recipient will be responsible for the high resolution photos, decide on the background color and could also upgrade the size if they wish. You’re responsible for the downpayment and the final payment. The painting can be shipped (free) to either the customer or the recipient.

There is no right or wrong in giving a painting as a gift and it’s very popular among my customers. They often share the overwhelming response the painting receives, both from themselves seeing their loved ones open their surprise gift or the sincere surprise and raw gratitude from the recipient.