I’ve poured my whole heart into this course to build in as much encouragement and support as I can based on my 35+ years of experience as a painter.

During the 11-week duration of the live program, you’ll have access to your Eriksdotter Support System. This includes:

  • 24/7 access to our PEER LOVE forum which is a chat function that lives the member area. Here you can ask questions, share progress and get to know your fellow painters. Erica and Team Eriksdotter will answer common questions to help you stay focused.
  • 6 Live Group Coaching Video Calls together where I’ll answer both live and pre-submitted questions, demo any requested techniques or elaborate on a specific topic. These sessions are meant to dive deeper into the creative process and the phase we’re currently in that week. These sessions are designed to feel like we’re sitting together in the studio for a cozy community and support

Here’s what past students have said about the support in this course:

“I’ll never forget this experience… the positivity that transpired in the course is both outstanding and uplifting.” – Cristina C.

“I loved the live coaching calls! Thank you Erica for all of your guidance and encouragement!” – Mandy K.

“[Erica] teaches you how to get through the ups and downs of getting through a painting with understanding and nurturing motivation…. One of the best features of the course was the live peer sessions where we could meet and learn from the other artists taking the course! It really became a highlight for me to see where we all were in our painting careers in our lives, as well as really learn from each other. There is so much more to painting than just putting a brush to canvas! It helped me so much to learn that whether you’ve just started painting or have been painting for years that everyone has their struggles and high points during a painting.” – Jayne M.T.

“Erica’s way of instruction really works. She’s mindful, gentle, encouraging, motivating and both didactic and experimental. What I specifically liked was her acceptance of each student no matter what place in the course they’ve been at, yet with a gentle encouragement to continue on with their project.” – Olya H.

Engaging in this community, both via PEER LOVE forum with your fellow students and the Live Sessions will help you dive deeper into the course material, receive support throughout the creative process and bring a sense of community to your new lifestyle.

Remember, you get what you put in and you’re the driving force behind your success. Let’s have fun together!

After the 11-weeks are up, you’ll have year-long access to the recordings and access to students’ questions in the ever evolving Student FAQ’s.