Sometimes fear of not following through can rise up during this course. Maybe you’ve had to stop for a few days and it’s been challenging to start again, or your level of excitement and eagerness has taken a dip.

When we focus on simply the step we’re on, we feel more empowered to say no to a ride on the emotional rollercoaster. You can do this. It’s simply step after step after step.

And a big congrats for recognizing this is showing up for you now, for becoming more aware and choosing to let go of this pattern and trusting in this process and my teaching. If you feel behind, forgive yourself for not being superhuman, and know that you can’t be behind in this course. Lean into the live sessions, PEER LOVE forum and I’ll meet you where you are.

Be in the moment. Notice the resistance. Show up for yourself. Remember why you’re doing this, and trust the process. You’re on time and all is well.