Oh my goodness my friend, I see you. I’m a self-taught, third generation painter and have taught students with varying levels of painting experience. In fact, one student who had never painted before taking this course received two commissions before she was even finished!

Here’s what another student said:

“I’m a beginner and Erica taught me so much! She is a great art teacher but it’s so much more than techniques or how to use a brush with her. She gives her all in building you up and supporting your whole artist being so you can thrive as a wholehearted painter! I plan on taking everything she offers.” – Angela H.

If you’ve never used acrylics before, you’re in for a treat! I started painting with watercolors and merged my style of painting with acrylics in my mid-twenties. I’ll share my tips and tricks while encouraging you to follow and nurture your style. Be sure to join every Live coaching call, ask questions in the PEER LOVE forum and watch every time-released bonus lesson. And remember, Rome wasn’t built in one day. Let yourself be ‘on time’ in your creative adventure. Next time you take the course you’ll unlock new aha’s and grow as a painter.

Here’s what one professional oil painter said about the course:

“I’m a professional oil painter and I was struggling with how to use acrylic paint, particularly when creating a pet or human portrait. After taking How to Paint a Dog Portrait I feel more confident painting pets and I’m more connected to my creativity. The course helped me feel less resistance to starting and carrying through with new projects, and trying things I’m less familiar with doing, which is huge!” – Mandy K.

Remember that the course is backed by a 100% risk-free guarantee and if you don’t feel this course is right for you, we’ll give you your money back.