First off, remember you can’t be behind in this course. If your schedule has changed or you’re suddenly tasked with other things in your life, know that all is well.

Do me a favor, though and don’t stop painting. I’ve finished many paintings by just painting for 20 minutes at a time until they were complete. In fact, I’ve had 5 minute sessions sometimes. We can do the best we can to continue to tap into our creative energy that will support and nurture us through challenging times. This is the time to lean into your painting process, not to abandon it completely.

Whatever season you’re in or what life has thrown at you, know that picking up your paint brushes can be a re-grounding for you and the cozy community will help you through.

One past student was juggling three jobs while taking this course and she found that continuing to paint balanced her work-life balance and saved her mental health.

You have lifetime access and can return to pick up where you left off at any point. However, during this live portion of the course, you will have access to your support system that many past students have said made a huge difference.

You can do it. I believe in you.