You have lifetime access to this course so you can’t fall behind in this course. There is no specific time you need to login to access the course content. Each new module is released on Monday at 10 am ET.

With that said, to fully take advantage of the Eriksdotter Support System which includes the Peer Love forums where you receive support from and engage with fellow students in the course and the Live Group Coaching Video Calls, it’s helpful if you do the modules as they are released.

Since you have unlimited access, some students return the next year to participate in the live portion of the course to absorbe new skills that they weren’t ready for the first time.

Here’s what some past students have said about the schedule:

“I just didn’t know whether I would have the time to dedicate to the course, but I loved it. What a great course!!!” – Mandy K.

“As an added bonus, taking care of my spiritual/creative needs has also helped me maintain my work balance.” – Olya H.