The doors to this course opens on November 2 and students have immediately access to a BONUS module, a BONUS video lesson and the PEER LOVE forum that sets the positive and supportive tone for the course.

The first module of 2022 How to Paint a Pet Portrait will be released November 14. The time in between the enrollment closes and the course kicks off allow students to gather or purchase new materials needed to complete the course (you’ll find the supply list inside the member area).

I release one module per week and the course is a total of 11 weeks. We will take a two-week break during the holidays so no modules will be released Mondays December 19 and December 26. We start again on January 2, 2023.

Students have a lifetime access to the all the course content, bonus lessons, plus any new material I add to the course in the future. You can’t fall behind in this course.