This course is not for everyone. This is intense, challenging and tedious. There is no shortcuts or guaranteed results without doing the step-by-step process and showing up for all the 9 modules and 30+ hours of in-depth video lessons, 6 live group coaching calls and PEER LOVE feedback. 

I deeply care about the success and growth of my students. I designed this course because I saw no other program like it. I teach it from the heart and encourage my students with a wholehearted approaching to release resistance and tap into the joy of painting.

How to Paint a Dog Portrait is not for you if you:

  • Need in-person teachings or feedback, or one-on-one coaching.
  • Prefer technical art instructions. While there are art techniques discussed, Erica paints and teaches from the heart and encourages her students to get out of their heads.
  • You’re a fast painter with no desire to learn or include details or magic for added soul or personality.
  • Looking for a quick way to build an art business to sell custom pet portraits.
  • Need critiquing of art work before moving continuing your painting.
  • Are used to finishing a painting in one sitting with no desire to paint in steps or in sessions.