Personally, Erica’s experience of losing her childhood pet, a Yorkie named Lucas, was devastating. It’s a bond like none other and she was left with deep sadness and emptiness – something she still feels today, 20 years later.

Customers who’ve worked with Erica after losing their pets have shared how the process has helped them cope with the sorrow, and how having the portrait brings back fond memories for the whole family.

Here are a few words from customers who’ve commissioned Erica after losing their pets:

“It’s been great for the whole family to have it. My daughter was 10 months old when our cat passed away, and she still remembers her three years later. The portrait helps us to continue to remember her and keep her close to our hearts. It makes us smile every time we see it.”

– J.D. of ​​Georgia, a repeat customer

“I commissioned the portrait of my beautiful 3 year old Elsa right after we found out she had cancer and had less than a year with her. The painting hangs in our family room, right by my desk and it is seen by my family and me every day, several times a day. It brings me so much happiness, so much more than I would ever realize because it makes me smile and happy, rather than sad which happens when I sometimes look at photos. Erica’s heart comes through in her work and I feel it every time I look at Elsa.”

– M.S. of Maryland, a repeat customer