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Recessionista Renderings and Behind the Scenes


LiveLikeYou.com launched a new look recently called Recessionista. This is a fun look and for any fashionista on a budget and it's a great way to recession proof your home. Check out all the products on LiveLikeYou.com. Jill and I work together on these renderings where she does all the drawing and I do the watercolor part. It takes a little bit of coordination and here we are in my dining room putting on the finishing touches.  And here are the [...]

Recessionista Renderings and Behind the Scenes2013-07-17T10:33:40-04:00

Photos from a Swedish Client


{Bee Daisy, Purple Daisy and Sunny Daisy from the Etsy Shop} Sometimes my clients and customers sends me photos of how and where prints or paintings ended up in their homes. These are from a Swedish client who bought several prints from me last year and many of them ended up in her summerhouse in southern Sweden. I loved how she placed them and asked if I could share these with you. And don't you absolutely love how [...]

Photos from a Swedish Client2013-04-16T20:52:45-04:00

Currently in the works


{Me and the large Tulip Landscape I'm working on} Hi guys. Just wanted to give you a quick update on how this painting is starting to take shape. If you are recognizing it a little it's because I was inspired by this piece, though it won't look the same. I thought it would be fun to make this perspective on a much bigger scale and the 24x48 inches canvas is just perfect over a bed or a livingroom sofa. [...]

Currently in the works2013-04-08T14:36:54-04:00
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