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Can I have more than one animal in a portrait?2018-05-01T16:57:31-04:00

Erica strongly believe that each pet should be honored with its own painting. Many customers order 2 or more pets at the same time to be worked on at the same time in the studio to ensure they compliment each other.

What do I need to order a commission?2018-05-18T14:41:36-04:00

You need to have good photos, preferably high resolution digital photos, and decide on the size of the canvas you want. You also need to pay the down-payment to book your painting.

Do I need to wait before my pet dies before commissioning a portrait?2018-05-01T16:33:13-04:00

Commissioning a pet portrait is popular no matter in which life stage a pet is in. More than half of Erica’s pet commissions are of healthy pets.

Some customers have mentioned how meaningful it was to already have a pet portrait of their fur baby as they were transitioning to heaven. Others have found immense healing during the process of being part of the creative process of watching the painting come alive after their fur baby has passed on. 

It really is an individual choice.

Will this process help me heal from the pain of losing my pet?2018-05-01T16:20:53-04:00

Personally, Erica’s experience of losing her childhood pet, a Yorkie named Lucas, was devastating. It’s a bond like none other and she was left with deep sadness and emptiness – something she still feels today, 20 years later.

Customers who’ve worked with Erica after losing their pets have shared how the process has helped them cope with the sorrow, and how having the portrait brings back fond memories for the whole family.

Here are a few words from customers who’ve commissioned Erica after losing their pets:

“It’s been great for the whole family to have it. My daughter was 10 months old when our cat passed away, and she still remembers her three years later. The portrait helps us to continue to remember her and keep her close to our hearts. It makes us smile every time we see it.”

– J.D. of ​​Georgia, a repeat customer

“I commissioned the portrait of my beautiful 3 year old Elsa right after we found out she had cancer and had less than a year with her. The painting hangs in our family room, right by my desk and it is seen by my family and me every day, several times a day. It brings me so much happiness, so much more than I would ever realize because it makes me smile and happy, rather than sad which happens when I sometimes look at photos. Erica’s heart comes through in her work and I feel it every time I look at Elsa.”

– M.S. of Maryland, a repeat customer

How are these paintings different from other portrait paintings?2018-05-18T14:42:21-04:00

Erica’s paintings are handmade and one-of-a-kind original paintings made with acrylics. They are painted the same way the old masters used to paint – one brushstroke at a time – in her home in Reston, Virginia. Modern and realistic, they take up to 50 hours to create.

Many customers comment on her extraordinary heart and how they can feel the love that went into the painting, and how amazing they feel when viewing their pieces.

Erica is a third-generation, self-taught painter, who was born and raised in Sweden before moving to the U.S. at age 20. She sold her first painting at age 10 and to say she’s passionate about her art is an understatement. To paint is to breath for her.

Her paintings have been mentioned in national press such as Martha Stewart Weddings, StyleMePretty, Bridal Guide and IHAVECAT. 

What types of payment do you accept?2018-05-18T14:42:29-04:00

Erica uses Paypal to invoice you via email the down-payment and the final payment. You can pay via Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card or a debit card that displays the Visa or MasterCard logo.

Please contact Erica to discuss paying with a check.

Can I order a commission outside of the U.S.?2018-05-18T14:48:45-04:00

Absolutely! Erica ships for FREE worldwide. Every painting is carefully wrapped, insured and shipped with U.S. Postal Office with confirmation and tracking number.

There may be a customs fee depending on your country that you’ll be responsible for. It’s your responsibility to understand your country’s customs fees and regulations.

If you want your painting to ship in a different way that exceeds Erica’s average shipping costs, you’ll be responsible for the difference in cost.

“It’s gorgeous! You are an amazing artist. Ordering the painting from Sweden was so easy. I’m in love! I can’t wait to hang it on my wall and look at it all day long!”

Do you offer a guarantee?2018-05-18T14:48:54-04:00

Yes! Erica offers a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. Here’s how it works:

  • Be an active collaborator during the process regarding shape of canvas, pose of the animal, fur color, flower colors and position, background color and provide feedback on the photos Erica shares with you of the painting during the process.
  • If you are not happy with the final painting, Erica will work together to see if she can revise the portrait. If you’re still not happy after the changes, there will be a swift and complete refund.
  • The deadline to receive 100% money-back is the day of your final payment. This deadline exists because Erica wants you to have a full chance to be involved in the process and see the finished painting before you change your mind. She devotes hours and hours of time and effort into your painting and she wants to make sure you’re happy, but that you’re also committed to your commission.
  • After the refund, the original painting and any photos of it (finished or unfinished) belongs to Studio Eriksdotter, LLC.

NOTE: An original acrylic painting is not meant to be an exact replica of the animal. While I do my best during the up to 40 hours of painting to create a close likeness to the animal and capture its personality, a painting is not a photograph and does include some creative licenses by the artist.

Do you offer discount?2018-05-18T15:10:14-04:00

Erica’s commissions are never discounted, however, join the studio tribe below for surprises and specials on her modern art

Is Erica’s commissions just for women?2018-05-18T15:33:26-04:00

No, not at all. Both men and women pretty equally commission Erica to be part of their special memories, either as a gift or to keep for themselves. 

Do I need to know anything about art to work with Erica?2018-05-18T15:32:27-04:00

All you need to know is your desire to create something special and have some faith. Commissioning art takes guts, especially since you can’t point at a finished painting and say “that’s the one I want.” As long as you’ve looked at the finished pieces of works I already have of pet portraits and bridal bouquet, you see what you like and you have great photos of your pet or wedding bouquet – you’re all set. Remember, fill out this form to get a free consultation, and there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee. What do you have to lose? 

Who is not right for Erica’s commissions?2018-05-18T15:30:25-04:00

Erica always has a wait list so her commissions are not for those who need a finished painting right away. Erica takes a lot of care into her paintings and each takes 20-50 hours over a stretch of a couple of weeks to paint. That said, she does have gift certificate available for those who love Erica’s work and need a great gift.

Erica’s work is also not right for those who prefer mass-produced products and don’t value the handmade process or the unique experience of creating something with a fine arts painter. 

Ordering a commission from Erica is also not right if you don’t enjoy her style. 

Who is right for Erica’s commissions?2018-05-18T15:22:02-04:00

Erica’s art is for those who wants to be part of a unique and meaningful experience that will be treasured for a lifetime. With nearly 100 commissions, many of her customers return for more art pieces for themselves or to give as a gift.

It’s for extremely thoughtful husbands and wives, sisters, daughters, in-laws, future brides, best friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, children and parents who wants to give a unique and meaningful to a special someone. These make for the perfect birthday, anniversary and holiday gifts. Many speak of the overwhelming emotions of receiving or giving a painting.

Where can I see more behind-the-scenes of the painting process?2018-05-18T15:06:54-04:00

Don’t leave before joining the studio tribe and receive Erica’s monthly inspiration! Sign up below.

When you commission Erica she’ll share photos and videos along the process with you via email, and every commission has its own hashtag on her instagram account. You can view older blog posts as well.

Where else can I learn about Erica’s creative process?2018-05-18T15:02:09-04:00

Erica loves bringing you inside the studio with her inspiring monthly newsletter. Sign up below.

How long does a painting take?2018-05-18T14:50:10-04:00

Depending on the quality of the photos and the size of the canvas, paintings range from 20 to 50 hours.

However, each finished painting is a culmination of the 30 years of dedication in the studio, of never giving up, trial and errors, failures and successes, tears and lots of joy, conversations with customers all over the world, the blend of Swedish and U.S. cultures, the passion to create art and the practice of letting the art flow from her heart.

What materials does Erica use?2018-05-18T14:50:17-04:00

All canvases are cotton duck of archival quality, primed with acid-free titanium acrylic gesso, and gallery wrapped 1,5 inch deep wood frame. She paints with heavy and light body acrylic paint and uses Golden and Liquitex brands.

Her brushes are selected by ‘feel,’ not after brand and she has mason jars full of short brushes. She sketches with either her Staedtler Mars Lumograph 100 pencil she bought over 20 years ago in Sweden, or a simple No. 2 pen.

When she uses watercolors, she still paints with her first Winsor & Newton paint box from 30 years ago.

Where does Erica paint?2018-05-18T14:50:24-04:00

Erica works out of her studio in Reston, Virginia which is located outside of Washington, D.C., USA. She loves being able to pop into the studio at any hour of the day. Her two cats, Rasmus and Lola, often keeps her company, and her 2 year old son has been playing with her brushes since the day he was born.

What’s Erica’s painting process like?2018-05-18T14:50:32-04:00

Erica fell hard for painting at an early age and sold her first painting at the age of 10. It was a small watercolor piece of a delicate landscape with a red balloon floating in the air.

She later applied what she’d learned from working with watercolors for many years to acrylic, diluting every brushstroke with water for thin thin layers, and she had found her style.

Many trials and errors later, failures and successes, art shows up and down the East Coast, blending her Swedish and U.S. cultures, 70+ commissions worldwide, and many tears and lots of joy – she brings all this to every brushstroke. She brings all her experience and dedication to her art. More, she brings her whole heart.

Each painting starts with a pencil sketch directly on the canvas before each thin layer is applied. Typically, she paints the eyes of a pet first to bring the pet to life to keep her company while the rest is unveiled. For bridal bouquets she starts with one kind of flower first.

“Thank you Erica for everything. Your extraordinary talent and your extraordinary heart. It’s been so amazing working with you and we look forward to [commissioning our 4th painting with you]”

Will I work directly with Erica?2018-05-18T14:50:37-04:00

Yes! You’ll work with Erica from start to finish. As a third-generation painter, she’s a proud big-hearted creative and she enjoys communicating directly with her customers.

What will I experience when commissioning Erica?2018-05-18T14:56:44-04:00

You’ll experience the unique process and joy of working with a fine arts painter who cares deeply about bringing your painting to life one brushstroke at a time, and who honors the significance of this beautiful and timeless keepsake. You’ll see the painting come alive as Erica shares photos and videos of her working on your painting, and first hand the dedication and love she pours into her work.

You’ll come away with a painting with more meaning, backstory, layers of culture, depth and generational mileage than maybe anything else in your home.

Many are brought to tears when unwrapping their painting or seeing their loved one open their surprise gift.

“I loved being able to see the progress as Erica worked on it and get some insight into the process. But photos don’t do it justice — opening the shipping box and seeing the finished piece in person was incredible.”

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