Corky’s Pet Portrait


Corky’s dad emailed me a couple of weeks before I started working on their commission. He said their beloved yorkie had passed away and they were devastated. He’d been their constant companion and everything now reminded them of him being gone: “Looking forward to his portrait more than ever.”

What a healing journey it was for Corky’s parents: “what you’re doing encapsulates so much more than the artistic process–it’s conversation, collaboration, memories, and more!” … “Thank you for paying such close attention to Corky. Means a lot.”

We decided on this bright green background to symbolize how much he loved playing outside, and especially that wonderful spring day when the breeze caught his fur and the main photo I worked off of was taken.


“We are truly touched by your recreation of Corky–everything from the love notes that you wrote on the packaging to each precise stroke of the brush that made his little twitchy, wet nose come to life. We want to thank you for bringing us along for the artistic journey, allowing our stories and thoughts to influence decisions each step of the way. We couldn’t be more pleased and are thankful to have a keepsake to remind us of how special a friend that we had in our lives for 15 years and how special of a friend that we will have in our hearts forever.

Each time that we look at Corky’s face, we are transported back to that spring day in the backyard, playing with him, and seeing him pause to look up at us for a moment with love. You have an extraordinary talent for humanizing the artistic process in ways that are inclusive and reflective of all interested parties. Thank you for everything!”

– D.F. of Pennsylvania


Medium: Acrylic on canvas. Sealed with matte varnish for protection.
12 x 12 inches (30 x 30 cm)