Linn’s Bridal Bouquet


This painting was commissioned by a client in Sweden who wanted a special gift for his wife on their 5 year wedding anniversary.

While this bouquet symbolizes the love they shared on their wedding day, the color red can be very overpowering on a wall so I chose to bring in an earth tone to balance it out. Plus, this background color fits perfectly with the neutral tones of Scandinavian interior design featured in their home. When the painting finally arrived at the Swedish post office, my client was too excited to wait and gave it to his wife a month early.

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“The painting is absolutely stunning! We both had tears in our eyes when I opened it. I’ve always wanted a piece by you but never would have dreamed that he would ever commission one for me. What a huge surprise! It is amazingly beautiful and the background color is just perfect. A huge thank you.”

– L.B. of Sweden

Medium: Acrylic on canvas. Sealed with matte varnish for protection.
Size: 20 x 20 inches (51 x 51 cm).