Fika podcast – 011 The Life of a Premier Female Trumpet Player

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How do you become a full-time musician playing at the White House? What does it take and how do you get there? In this episode we’re having fika with Amy McCabe, a full-time professional trumpet player in a premier military band. Topics Amy’s White House responsibilities vs. Childhood dream [00:01:30] Getting a full-time job in music [00:05:42] The drive, the auditions and shifting your mindset for success [00:10:44] Music is cathartic [00:17:29] Spreading joy while touring [00:21:31] It’s [...]

008 – Art and Life with Melissa Townsend

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In this episode we’re talking with Melissa Townsend about her life as a successful full time artist and just kind of figure out her life and how much art means to her and how she chooses to paint and what she paints and how she lives her life. Topics: Melissa and her Art [00:01:41] How does she do it? [00:03:28] Why being creative is a necessity [00:10:28] A typical day for a full time artist [00:12:55] A glimpse [...]

Holiday Deal

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Let's get into the holiday spirit with this fantastic deal!  Starting at only $9 on eBay this the perfect holiday gift for anyone who likes to add a bit of mystery to a room, or get the imagination going. I would have loved to have had this hanging in my teenage girl's room growing up. I find it holding so many secrets - doesn't it have so many unanswered questions? It holds so many secrets, where is she from? [...]

eBay Auction – Bid on Field Sketches

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"Fruity Tulips" - original field sketches. Available on eBay until Sept. 26th. These original paintings are field sketches of two colorful and lighthearted tulips, viewed from above. Don't they remind you of fruit?? They were painted as "drafts" for a larger commission earlier this summer, and instead of tossing them to the side, we're auctioning them off! Because who doesn't like an opportunity to grab original art for a deal? Starting at $27 for the pair, [...]

Photos from Cocktails & Canvases May 4

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The Spring Art Auction 2013 is coming towards the end, let's look back at some recent "Cocktails & Canvases". The May 4th Cocktails & Canvases went off without a hitch, accept a last minute cancellation.  I'm always excited when we have a packed house but oh well - nothing we can do about that. You know I love the drink menu right? Well, I must have been craving summer because I added mojitos to this event. And though [...]