Artist Thursday with Amy Hamilton

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“Lion // Majesty” illustration by Amy Hamilton   Our artist for this Thursday is Amy Hamilton whom my friend Jennel introduced me to recently. I just love her fluid way of connecting with nature’s animals with her graphic design prints, and how gorgeous isn’t this lion! Oh my…. […]

Artist Thursday with Michelle Armas

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Grab a cup of tea because you’re going to enjoy today’s featured artist. Michelle Armas not only creates art that fills you with happiness, but she also has the dreamiest studio. When you think of that perfect studio with lots of space and light, packed with paintings leaning against each other everywhere, works in progress on several easels and a lovely sofa to rest a tired back – yup she has it. It’s gorgeous. And of course, she [...]

Artist Thursday with Melissa Townsend

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Melissa Townsend with her whimsical animal friends.   We’re kicking off a new feature here on the blog called “Artist Thursday” where I introduce an artist whose work and life inspires me. I hope you will enjoy the sprinkles of magic they share with the world. […]

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