Original Painting: Sasha’s Pet Portrait

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It's stunning! - M.S. of Virginia Sasha’s Portrait is an original painting commissioned by a woman in Virginia who wanted to surprised her husband with something special for his birthday and this lovely dog had been his for many years. Unfortunately, she passed away a few years ago. My client came to last year's Open Studio Event and saw a pet portrait I was working on and knew this was what she wanted to give. "Sasha's Portrait" measures 14x18 [...]

Happy Birthday Dad!

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My Dad and I during a vacation in Dublin, Ireland, 1998. In honor of my Dad's birthday, my husband suggested we cook one of his favorite foods tonight. Soooo... we're having MAGNUM ICE CREAM for dinner. YUM! What’s behind Eriksdotter? I was born with the last name Larsson, but one day (when I was 10) my sisters and I decided to honor our dad and changed our name to Eriksdotter, which means “Erik’s daughter” in Swedish. This [...]