Holiday Deal

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Let's get into the holiday spirit with this fantastic deal!  Starting at only $9 on eBay this the perfect holiday gift for anyone who likes to add a bit of mystery to a room, or get the imagination going. I would have loved to have had this hanging in my teenage girl's room growing up. I find it holding so many secrets - doesn't it have so many unanswered questions? It holds so many secrets, where is she from? [...]

Mom’s Art

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My Mom makes the loveliest little Christmas trees and they are really getting me in the Holiday mood. I stopped by her place the other day and couldn't resist but take a snapshot of these lovely items - perfect for the holidays. I may have to grab one myself. You can see some of her Easter decorations in the background. Her talent doesn't stop with crafty Christmas trees, she also makes wonderful and interesting multimedia paintings which includes craft [...]

Give My Pet Portraits as Holiday Gift

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Here's a wonderful and special way you can give a pet portrait to a darling family member this holiday season. My new "gift card" is in book form! Order a pet portrait and you will receive this book (for free) to give as the holiday gift. Your loved one will unwrap the gift, read my little note and handwritten personal message (to be added separately for each gift), flip through it and get excited about your wonderful and [...]