Photos from Cocktails & Canvases, Oct. 5

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View the video above for a glimpse into what one of my Cocktails & Canvases painting events are like. Click here if the video isn't working above. Saturday's Cocktails & Canvases was so fun to host. We had a full group which started as a normal event but until mid-day Friday I decided to make the event FREE to everyone. Why?  Well, the government shutdown is affecting everyone, but especially in and around the DC area where so many [...]

Photos from Cocktails & Canvases Sept 14

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I'm back! Back in the country after a few days in Spain. I'll tell you all about it at a later point (nudging the hubby for some good photos), but first some photos from the Cocktails & Canvases I hosted this past Saturday, a tad jet lagged. It was a small group of 3 peeps (out of the 10 seats available) and it was perfect because it was the second day back from vacation for me). Cherie, Suzanne [...]

Photos from Stacey’s Private Cocktails & Canvases

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Before heading out on my vacation with Mom, I hosted (with major assistance from the wonderful studio helper, Katie-Beth) another fun private painting party with a bunch of great gals. We had a wonderful time!  Stacey had recently celebrated her birthday and thought this was a great way to get all her friends together to have a good time. She/they have done several "painting party" classes offered via groupon and livingsocial around DC so it was a big [...]

Photos from Cocktails & Canvases May 4

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The Spring Art Auction 2013 is coming towards the end, let's look back at some recent "Cocktails & Canvases". The May 4th Cocktails & Canvases went off without a hitch, accept a last minute cancellation.  I'm always excited when we have a packed house but oh well - nothing we can do about that. You know I love the drink menu right? Well, I must have been craving summer because I added mojitos to this event. And though [...]

Photos from Cocktails and Canvases – April 6

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Cheers to another successful and delicious Cocktails & Canvases! This fun group gathered at my home Saturday, ready and open for a creative time. We were swaying, and singing along to the music and chatting while making our masterpieces. What a fun group! We're missing Angela here who painted a yellow lotus. Aren't they all such fun pieces? Focused moments are mixed with laughter! I help when needed but honestly, even people who think they can't even draw stick [...]