Fika Podcast Episode 001: Time Traveling with Colette Chase Part 1

Welcome to the first episode of my new podcast, Studio Eriksdotter presents Fika!


My first guest is healer Colette Chase, and here are the topics we discussed:

  1. What is Fika? [1:00]
  2. Colette Chase shares how she became a healer [1:50]
  3. Let’s talk Time Traveling [11:34]
  4. A quickie on dimensions (past-future-present) [13:49]
  5. Are you stuck in the past? [15:25]
  6. Hello future! No surprise there. [18:48]
  7. How do we know we’re in present time? [23:55]

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Meet & Greet on April 18


Join me for a ‘meet and greet’ on April 18 where I’ll discuss what brought my to healing and what I’ve witnessed. There will be a demonstration, chance to ask questions and if time allows, a healing technique you may join in on.

Please RSVP here.


Pottery Play Time at LibertyTown

Erica Eriksdotter Pottery with DD Lecky at LibertyTown in Fredericksburg

In one of the healing workshop last year, I was divinely guided to play with pottery and it just happens that one of my best friend’s owns a pottery studio. Funny how it had never entered my mind to try pottery with DD even though I have always wanted to try it. Weird. Anyways, Casey and I headed down for some fun.

Erica Eriksdotter throwing pottery at LibertyTown in Fredericksburg

DD and Kenneth Lecky own and run LibertyTown in Fredericksburg, Virginia outside of their normal jobs since 2013 (you can read their story in this article which includes a nice photo by Casey Collings). We are immensely proud of them and have watched them narrowing in on their goals and working hard at achieving their dream. Now, DD is taking the next step and leaving her successful day job to blossom into a full-time artist and will dedicate the days to throwing pottery, teaching classes and operating the day-to-day gallery. Way to go DD!

Erica Eriksdotter and DD Lecky throwing pottery

Man that was fun! DD is a patient and calm teacher and when my clay went flying she just picked up the next piece and had me start over. She calmly told me why it happened and how to adjust my hands, body and technique. I found it easy to get into the zone and just focus, but shaping the clay in the beginning stages is hard! You really throw your whole body into it (hello sore glutes and lats) with millimeter precision. (disclaimer: the pots you see in the front in the photo to the right are DD’s not mine – just sayin’).

While we were throwing, other pottery makers finished their pieces and a few visitors walked in off the street and peeked in at what we were doing. LibertyTown is a very nice and warm community where you feel very welcome to explore and open up your creative side in a safe environment. And while I was doing pottery that day, they also exhibit a lot of painters and have in-house art studios and offer classes – one of whom generously offered a few tips and words of encouragement during a very low point for me in 2011.

Erica Eriksdotter throwing pottery with DD Lecky at LibertyTown

So how did I do? DD said she was surprised how really well I did on my first time – but she’s also a close friend and I was buying her dinner so she’s biased. But I did make a couple of bowl-looking things so I was pleased, but it wasn’t the bowls I was after but the creative process and to play with clay. It was very grounding and nurturing. Overall it was very rewarding and inspirational, and I found it very refreshing to be the student for once.

Aaaaand then we (attempted to) eat a bushel of crabs, drank delicious wine and played cards against humanity. All in all a wonderful day!

[photos by Casey Collings]


Original Painting: Olive’s Portrait

Olive's Portrait - original acrylic pet painting by Erica Eriksdotter |

Working with Erica on Olive’s portrait was an easy and enjoyable process. I appreciated Erica’s attention to detail, advice and consultation with me during the creation of the painting. I couldn’t be happier with the end product. The details are amazing and it looks exactly like Olive, right down to the asymmetrical pattern on her nose and lines on her face.  We will enjoy this painting for decades to come!” – B.L. of Virginia

Last year I donated a custom pet portrait for Knock Out Abuse annual auction (five year in a row) where all donations benefits victims of domestic violence. The winner was very excited to get started.

Olive’s Portrait is of adorable Olive who is a four year old Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua mix and was adopted from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) when she was 8 weeks old. My client told me she is full of energy and personality, and is a total princess. She loves to play with tennis balls (often two at once) and always wears a collar with a bow on.

Olive's Portrait - original acrylic pet painting by Erica Eriksdotter |

Because of the ‘princess’ personality and the bows, I wanted to try a bright bubblegum pink background and the client was all for it. I love how it turned out. Both the client and I agreed that it was absolutely perfect and Olive’s colors really gets to stand out against this bright pop of color.  Look at those ears!

Olive's Portrait - original acrylic pet painting by Erica Eriksdotter |

The painting measures 14 x 14 inches and is painted on a 1.5 inch (4 cm) deep gallery wrapped canvas. All sides are painted with the background color.

View more photos of this painting and other pet portraits in the gallery, and if you’re interested in commissioning your very own pet portrait, please fill out this form to get started.


The Story of My Rings

Erica Eriksdotter's wedding rings. Michael M. setting with custom made top and a 5mm rose gold, hammered, wedding band |

For our 5 year anniversary earlier this year, Casey and I decided to get wedding bands and to my surprise I ended up with a new engagement ring too! Eek. Since it was a creative process I think it’s only fair I share it here with you with up-close photos of the rings (I always wanted one of those wedding photos of my rings – thank you Mr. Collings for helping me check off my list!)

Why has it taken 5 years for me to get a wedding band? When ‘eloping’ we decided to save ‘the ring exchange’ for our wedding ceremony, to make it more special for our family and friends. Five years later, and with no date in sight (read ‘four year anniversary and a wedding on hold‘), I’m kinda over it saving this as a ‘special thing’. I’m tired of walking around looking like I’m still engaged. So (after a little bit of convincing) we decided to change our minds (it’s funny how important certain things become).

So the hunt for bands began. We visited a few stores and tried on several different rings but none felt right. Even the eternity ring with inappropriately huge diamonds no longer felt right. I meditated, I soul searched… Hmmm, why was this so difficult? Why did my goal of “the more diamonds and the bigger the better” no longer seem to work for me? (I’m the most down to earth shallow person you’ve ever met… I promise there’s redemption for me at the end of this… or maybe not. I really don’t care.)

Erica Eriksdotter's wedding rings. Michael M. setting with custom made top and a 5mm rose gold, hammered, wedding band |

Eventually we went to a place near home and while I was trying on every diamond wedding band in the store I kept being drawn to this very simple rose gold, hammered, band. I dismissed it since I didn’t want a simple band together with my three-stone engagement ring. Right before we left I asked the owner if I could just try on this very over-the-top engagement ring (oooh, why not! It’s always fun to play ‘dress up’). I tried it on. Then tried it on again. Then again together with the rose gold hammered band, and darn it, I just knew that was it.  I looked at Casey, held up my hand and said “this is me. this is so me.”

We left the store, knowing that the over-the-top engagement ring that now held my heart captive, wasn’t necessarily what we had in mind when we went to look for WEDDING BANDS. Then Casey looked at me and said “I think we should put the bands on hold for a little bit because I think you need to create a new engagement ring instead.” wow.

Erica Eriksdotter's wedding rings. Michael M. setting with custom made top and a 5mm rose gold, hammered, wedding band |

So why would he suggest a new engagement ring after only 5 years? Well, when we got engaged, Casey presented me with a diamond that had belonged to his Great Aunt Norma, and said something along the lines: “I know you probably want to create your own ring since you’re so creative but I inherited this family diamond that I very much hope you accept it.” Of course I accepted it and picked out a lovely three-stone setting and called it a day knowing I would more than likely play with it later.

I’m a total fine jewelry junky. I relax by reading auction house catalogs, watching the Antique Roadshow and browsing antique stores online. I have dreamed up hundreds of different rings for myself over the years. I know way too much about diamonds and the history of royal tiaras etc. That’s just me. We all have our different interests. At the time of the engagement though, it felt foolish to “satisfy my creative itch.”

With a new goal plan, I went back to the jewelry store with the ‘over the top engagement ring’ and worked with the designer to custom make the top of the ring to fit the family diamond. The original setting could only hold a 1.5-2 carat diamond and mine is a 1 carat, but I loved the thick band so much I wanted to make it work. After a couple of versions, and some trial and error, I was thrilled. I still wanted the actual finished ring to be somewhat of a surprise so I worked with the jewelry owner via email and didn’t see any photos of the actual ring – hence why there were some trial and error. Oh well.

On our actual wedding anniversary (July 2), Casey and I exchanged our wedding bands during a magical weekend with beach time, wild horses, boat ride, bird watching, seafood, laughter and romance. He chose a thick brushed stainless steel (he wanted a ring he could bang up and not worry about it which is why he didn’t pick the platinum band that I wanted him to have – I love that he has his own mind!) and mine is the rose gold, hammered, band that kept nudging me.

The engagement ring wasn’t ready for the wedding anniversary weekend unfortunately, so to make it special and somewhat of a surprise, Casey waited three whole months and surprised me with it on the day we celebrated 11 years as a couple.

I couldn’t be happier with the end result – it’s big and heavy, strong yet delicate. It has a feel of art deco yet very feminine at the same time. The combination of the over-the-top coupled with the simple rose gold band is unique and fits my personality well. I like wearing things no one else has, and to me, it really means a lot to wear jewelry that represents who I am. I never thought I was a double halo type – but loved the overall look of the thick setting so I wanted to make it work as much as possible – nor did I think I would ever love a bezel setting but it works to keep the top (and the center diamond) as low as possible.

When I look at it, I’m reminded of how well my husband knows me and loves me as he wanted me to be part of the creative process. Just because it’s an engagement ring doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with what you chose or your significant other chose at one time in your relationship. We all change and we all evolved, and the relationship evolves. As with anything, what may be right at one point in your life may not be right for the rest of your life. Fix what bugs you. It goes for anything in life – i.e. fixing bathrooms that has been the eye sore for 6 years. Your energy can be spent in so many better ways.

I’m so grateful for how this turned out.



Casey Collings and Erica Eriksdotter August 2014

Hi from among the fields and horses! So sorry for the lack of updates here on the blog. I’ve been busy and enjoyed some time off in the evenings/weekends. It’s a little easier to share random updates on instagram so feel free to follow me there as well! @StudioEriksdotter


Invitation to Wellness

Erica Eriksdotter, healer in Intra-Dimensional Web Working

It has been a long time coming and I’m ready to announce that I’m expanding the studio to include individual healing sessions!

If you’ve followed me for a while it comes as no surprise to you as I’ve shared my studies with Master Healers Colette Chase and Cherie Young on the blog. I talk frequently about connecting with energies and intuition through my art, and how healing and my art is very much one. Art customers have shared how amazing they feel while viewing my art and expressed how healing the paintings have been for them. I now invite you to join me for an individual session and to experience energy healing on a personal level.

Click here for more information about the healing and how to book your session.

Erica Eriksdotter, healer in Intra-Dimensional Web Working

My story

My personal journey began in 2008 when I grabbed Cherie Young‘s card at my acupuncture’s office. I was suffering from migraines almost on a daily basis (hence which is way I was trying acupuncture even though I had a fear of needles!) I was wondering if headaches were a results from not grieving my father enough and that was somehow creating tension headaches. It was the only explanation I could think of because frankly, I didn’t have any of the other typical migraine triggers. Could emotions get stuck in my muscles in my neck and shoulders creating the pain?

I held on to her card for a year until I one day emailed her. I went to see her the following weekend, superearly on a Saturday morning. I was nervous. Really nervous. I had no idea what to expect. What does a healer even do? Was she like John Edward (by the way, love that guy) and was my dad going to come through? I was early and waited in the car. I just wanted to drive back home (c’mon what was I doing?). I was already tearing up for no reason what so ever, and my anxiety was running wild. I said silently “dad, please, i really need you right now.” And in that moment a song came on the radio which is very much ‘dad and my song’. I deeply felt it was his way of saying “sall good, you’ll be OK”.  Then the fire alarm of the building I was parked at went off, and I again wanted to drive back home. I’ve always been scared of house fires – always prepared as a young child what I would take with me (diaries and my dog). I even made sure I knew how to climb down from the second floor if I had to – what do you mean not every 7 year old worry about these things?

Queen Anne's Lace - photo by Casey Collings

The clock hit 8 AM and it was time for my appointment. It felt like I had to walk through quicksand to get to where her studio was. Something inside me told me I needed to do this (I’ve always been very intuitive and I wasn’t going to turn on myself today). I greeted her and we went into her room. One of the first things she said to me was “did you hear that fire alarm? You escaped from a fire in a past life but you don’t need to be afraid anymore.” Ummmm. Okey. How the heck did she know I was so scared of house fires? The session continued and while some of it is a blur other things are still very clear. She mentioned that I was taking on so many other people’s emotions and energies without knowing how to clean myself off. My senses were running on overload causing headaches (one of the reasons). Did I even know what I was feeling was mine or someone else’s? Huh? So much else was said that I prefer to keep to myself, but I left feeling much more like myself. I felt cleaner. I felt more stable and in control. I felt grounded and more connected to the Universe. It was like I had stepped onto the road I knew I had to walk in life.

Before I left Cherie gave me a poster for an upcoming workshop. She said she’d thought I would be very good at it and it would help me learn more about “all this psychic stuff”  and how to process the energies better. The class was Psychic Awareness and Opening Workshop with Colette Chase for $390 (same class I’ve been sponsoring twice this past 6 months in my own home). It was a lot of money for me back then, but it seemed like a good deal for a full weekend. It sure would be better than reading my “how psychic are you?” book for the eleventh time.

I’ve always drawn to stuff like this. Growing up I had deja vu all the time, I believed in past lives, could feel energies and know if a building felt off etc. and if I expressed it in my family it was received as anything else I was saying (luckily for me). But while seeing and feeling things in my family was normal, I didn’t necessarily have a protocol for what I was doing. When you learn a language you have to know grammar and spelling and how to structure a sentence. It’s the same with healing and being psychic. You have to know what you’re doing, and Colette and Cherie created a safe environment for me to hone my discernment skills.

The workshop intrigued me because I could learn more about energies, and at the same time while learning how to do things properly I would could ideally improve my health since I was overwhelming my senses. Before meeting Cherie not only did I have migraines pretty much every day, but I was also exhausted all the time. I didn’t have the energy to do much else but to lay in bed watching old mini-series (North and South anyone?). I hadn’t picked up a paint brush in years. I had so many goals in my life and it felt like they were just passing my by. Here was this workshop that maybe could get me back on track. I just had to do it. What did I have to lose? I could leave any time. I already felt much better after seeing Cherie and I really wanted more.

The first day of the workshop came and my anxiety was running high again. I was excited but I was also freaking out. I felt extremely vulnerable. Again, I just felt I needed to do it.  I learned so much that weekend. Everything made so much sense to me and I learned and healed so much. In a way it felt like coming home for me.

Butterfly - photo by Casey Collings

Six months after seeing Cherie and after participated in the workshop I started I was painting up a storm. Little did I know I would have my art all over the world in just a few years. Little did I know that after a few years, I wouldn’t have migraines (I still get bad headaches when the barometric pressure changes from time to time but that’s pretty much it).

Fast forward several years and I’ve taken many more workshops. Too many to remember actually. I’ve assisted in healing many people, and last year I took the full Intra-Dimensional Web Working course and became a certified healer. I just wanted to become an even better psychic for ME and for my art. I wanted to add more light into my paintings and boost the studio even more. I wanted to heal people through my art – i wanted to make people feel good. That is happening now and I look forward to continuing to spread good mojo through my art.

Now it is clear to me what the next step in my life is: to empower other people towards leading a happier and more fulfilling life. It is my honor to assist people in releasing of patterns and blocks that no longer serve them. This is in my highest good. I want to be a part of healing the world and this is one more way for me to do that.

I will continue my art and will now also offer one-on-one healing sessions. I will continue to offer painting classes, individual and group sessions, do Cocktails & Canvases and art shows (in home and elsewhere) and accept commissions and sell art. My studio will continue to grow and expand as my life grows and expands. I’m always up for an adventure and to walk the path I so came here to walk.

So that is part of my story. Now I invite you to shift into a more powerful you. It will be an honor to assist you!

(photos by Casey Collings)


Original Painting: Sugar Bear’s Portrait

Sugar Bear's Portrait - original acrylic by Erica Eriksdotter

At at 130 lbs, Sugar Bear has been a regal and intimidating personality.  Erica has perfectly reflected the kind and imposing nature of this gentle giant.  This portrait thrones over our family room and brings back fond memories of this departed member of our family. – J.G. of Virginia

Sugar Bear’s Portrait is the third portrait out of three commissions ordered by a client in Virginia.  I’ve already revealed sweet Lexie (a birthday gift for his wife) and Boomer earlier here on the blog and now it’s Sugar Bear’s turn. A special portrait as it also serve as a memorial as this gorgeous Great Pyrenees has passed away.

Sugar Bear's Portrait - original acrylic by Erica Eriksdotter

Sugar Bear was rescued at the age of 4 years old by my client – “a gentle and mild mannered dog in her very intimidating huge body” as the client put it. She lived until she was 11 and “exuded an air of confidence and seemed not to be afraid of anything, but at the same time you could definitely detect the goodness in her eyes and a reflection of a kind and gentle soul – and that’s what I think I would love to capture.”

I loved working on this darling. She pops out of the canvas and you can almost touch her. White fur is always a challenge, but blending with gray and a little light brown makes it a true joy. I just want to pet her.

Sugar Bear's Portrait - original acrylic by Erica Eriksdotter

The painting measures 12 x 12 inches and is painted on a 1.5 inch (4 cm) deep gallery wrapped canvas. All sides are painted with the background color, which is the same blend as Lexie’s Portrait.

View more photos of this painting and other pet portraits in the gallery, and if you’re interested in commissioning your very own pet portrait, please fill out this form to get started.