Original Painting: Cocoa’s Portrait

Thank you so very much for the best gift I have ever received. Although Cocoa has been gone for almost two years now, your art brought her to life. Thanks so much and bless you always. – D.W. of Maryland Cocoa’s portrait is an original painting commissioned by a client in North Carolina as a Christmas gift for her Mother. Their beloved family dog recently passed away and she wanted to surprise her with this [...]

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Original Painting: Dos’ Pet Portrait

I love it! It looks exactly like him, and you’ve captured him perfectly! My parents, and especially my Dad, were absolutely thrilled with my Christmas gift. He hung it up in the living room right away so that everyone who came to the house could see it. We all love Dos so much and this portrait is such a nice way to honor how much joy he brings to our family. I can’t thank you [...]

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Original Painting: Berkley’s Portrait

 The painting is beautiful and it captured him perfectly. My daughter and I both teared up when we saw it. My husband loved it! Thank you so much for a gorgeous painting! – A.K. of Virginia Berkley’s Portrait is an original painting commissioned by a client in Virginia who owns several of my original paintings already, and is an avid supporter and follower since seeing my work in person at an art show at Occoquan, [...]

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Original Painting: Gadget’s Portrait

Wow, I’m so impressed by your talent! It looks fantastic. I know my wife will love it for Christmas. – D.P. of Virginia Gadget’s Portrait is an original painting commissioned by a client in Virginia who wanted to surprised his wife with a portrait of their dog, Gadget, for Christmas. He’s an adorable mix of a Shih Tzu and Jack Russel. My client found me via searching online for local artists for pet portraits. He [...]

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Original Painting: Canela’s Portrait

You've captured the face that I know and love! It's lovely. - C.B. of Maryland Canela's Portrait is an original painting commissioned by a client in Maryland whose darling companion recently passed away. He had rescued her from the streets of Mexico and wanted to remember her in this wonderful way after so many lovely years together. It was a joy to paint this gorgeous dog. Those eyes...  When she was hanging in my studio, [...]

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Original Painting: Jax Portrait

Jax and Mosby look quite adorable with their side by side brother portraits.  Erica does great work – she really captures the dogs’ expressions.  And we like her personally.  She’s great. - S.K. of Virginia Jax's Portrait  is an original painting commissioned by a client from Virginia who wanted to capture her daughter’s dog on canvas. This was the client’s second custom order as I had the honor of painting Mosby the previous year, also her daughter’s dog. [...]

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Original Painting: Maggie’s Portrait

It is so perfect it looks like a photograph. Beautiful! - L.M. of Texas Maggie’s Portrait is an original painting commissioned by a man in Texas whose golden retriever is 11 years old. He shared with me that while she shows her age in some ways, she is very much a young dog at heart. She loves taking her toy out in the backyard and roll back and forth. She throws it up in the [...]

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Original Painting: Melanie’s Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet painting is so perfect and so "us"! The colors are spot on - the way it all blends together is totally reminiscent of our modern-romantic wedding, and it matches oh so perfectly against our light gray walls! We also love how it is not so obvious that it is a flower (to anyone but us of course!). It makes it really interesting...a true work of art, and our very first piece of [...]

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Original Painting: Sasha’s Pet Portrait

It's stunning! - M.S. of Virginia Sasha’s Portrait is an original painting commissioned by a woman in Virginia who wanted to surprised her husband with something special for his birthday and this lovely dog had been his for many years. Unfortunately, she passed away a few years ago. My client came to last year's Open Studio Event and saw a pet portrait I was working on and knew this was what she wanted to give. "Sasha's [...]

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Original Painting: Linn’s Bridal Bouquet

The painting is absolutely stunning! We both had tears in our eyes when I opened it. I've always wanted a piece by you but never would have dreamed that he [my husband] would ever commission one for me. What a huge surprise! It is amazingly beautiful and the background color is just perfect. A huge thank you. - L.L.B. of Sweden Linn's Bridal Bouquet was commissioned by a client in Sweden who wanted a special [...]

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