Original Painting: Fanny’s Pet Portrait

"I opened my Christmas present and said out loud: Oh, it’s a pet portrait of a french bulldog. Then I realized, it’s a portrait on MY french bulldog and I immediately burst into tears. This is one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. I'll treasure it always." - M.L. of Virginia Fanny’s portrait is an original pet portrait commissioned by a client in Virginia. He wanted to surprise his wife for Christmas and thought a [...]

Original Painting: Fanny’s Pet Portrait2019-04-04T15:17:22-04:00

Original Painting: Dos’ Pet Portrait

I love it! It looks exactly like him, and you’ve captured him perfectly! My parents, and especially my Dad, were absolutely thrilled with my Christmas gift. He hung it up in the living room right away so that everyone who came to the house could see it. We all love Dos so much and this portrait is such a nice way to honor how much joy he brings to our family. I can’t thank you enough! – L.W. of [...]

Original Painting: Dos’ Pet Portrait2015-11-04T15:35:16-04:00

Original Painting: Gadget’s Portrait

Wow, I’m so impressed by your talent! It looks fantastic. I know my wife will love it for Christmas. – D.P. of Virginia Gadget’s Portrait is an original painting commissioned by a client in Virginia who wanted to surprised his wife with a portrait of their dog, Gadget, for Christmas. He’s an adorable mix of a Shih Tzu and Jack Russel. My client found me via searching online for local artists for pet portraits. He shared with me [...]

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Original Painting: Elsa’s Portrait

Oh, the painting is so wonderful! I'm so moved when I see how beautifully you have captured her. You are so talented. My husband loved his gift and we're so happy to view it every day in our home. - M.D. of Gothenburg, Sweden Elsa's Portrait is an original painting commissioned by a woman in Sweden. She wanted to surprise her husband with something meaningful and thought of my pet portraits. She owns a couple of original pieces of [...]

Original Painting: Elsa’s Portrait2013-08-20T10:41:08-04:00

Happy International Cat Day!

In honor of International Cat Day, "Lola in the Sky" is now available as print in the shop! This is my darling little monkey's first portrait. I think this painting is uplifting and inspiring, it kinda has that motto "reach for the starts"... "see the possibilities"... Hope you enjoy!

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Original Painting: Austin’s Portrait

We can’t tell you how delighted we are with the portrait of Austin. You really captured him perfectly. We will forever treasure it. He will hang on the wall with the rest of the family. Thank you so very much! Austin's Portrait is an original acrylic painting commissioned by a couple in Pennsylvania who has followed my art for some time now and own several of my fine art prints. Their lovely family dog was growing older and [...]

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Customer Photo – Sam Heart Sam

Awww I just die! SO absolutely adorable to see my painting being so proudly showcased by the real Sam. You may recall another recent pup showing off his portrait and I hope this is becoming a trend for the cute factor alone! Sam is now a larger pup than what he was in the photos I worked off when I did his portrait. He seems to approve, don't you think? It's hanging in the owners livingroom, right by the door [...]

Customer Photo – Sam Heart Sam2013-07-24T11:51:55-04:00