2 Generations – Wrap Up Part 2

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Opening up my artist home and studio to customers brings a unique and intimate experience to people – it’s very few who does this as it’s much more common to take your show on the road – which I may one day do again. This is more of a gallery-feel, but in the intimacy of my home where you see how an artist also lives and paint. It’s a whole different playing field and I’m so glad that old [...]

You’re Invited – 2 Generations of Swedish Artistry

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You're invited (this is how the actual invitation turned out after our fun photoshoot)! I'm thrilled to be able to exhibit with my darling Mom. She's so talented. The house will be filled with arts and crafts ranging $5 to $4,500. Stop by for a glass of wine and mingle - and don't forget to enter the raffle for some free art goodies! Can't wait to see you! Click here to register for free (RSVP by April 26) and I'll [...]

I’m Colorblind

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A man in his mid-20's quickly walked into my booth during an art show in Richmond several years ago. He viewed several pieces up close before turning to me, bubbling over with happiness and said: I'm completely colorblind, but I can "see" your colors! I can appreciate your art because I can "feel" the intensity of your colors. Thank you! I doubt I'll ever forget how grateful that comment made me feel. Grateful for being able to bring [...]

Open Studio Event – some more photos

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My darling 3-year old niece came carrying these to the Open Studio event. She had chosen the bouquet herself. I loved it. It's almost been a week since the Open Studio event but I'm still so excited about it. I wish I had taken more photos, shot a snippet of video so everyone can feel the vibe, and some product photos of how pretty the 'stations' were. You can get an idea from the photos Casey [...]

Remember this one?

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A blast from the past, what really feels like forever ago, the Gracie Square Art Show in October 2011. It took place on the upper east side on Manhattan. We have fun memories from this weekend. Good stories - the ones that get better with time when you forget the terrible moments or they become funnier. Like the fact that a lot of people walk their dogs through this park and decided to throw their poop bags in [...]

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