Jess’ work in progress

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I loved working on Jess' bridal bouquet earlier this Summer, and I'm itching to paint another one. The painting was commissioned as a birthday gift from a friend. My clients are the most thoughtful people. I will share the final once I get it posted here on the site.

The Making of Linn’s Bridal Bouquet

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Don't you love a good secret? I kept this painting a secret for over a year and once I started working on it it was difficult not to share at least a couple of photos (I knew the client follows me on social media). Instead of sharing the actual painting, I did the second best think and shared a photo of myself with Lola in the background while working on it, and while picking up a few new [...]

Remember the Royal Bouquet?

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Some of you have asked if I've heard back from the Crown Princess regarding the bridal bouquet painting I sent them earlier in the summer. Sadly, no news yet. I do know that it made it to the Castle in early June, thanks to USPS tracking, but since then I have no information. The dream scenario is of course to receive a note from the Crown Princess but I really have no idea how they typically handle gifts. [...]

What’s going on in the studio?

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So many things are happening right now...  One of my secret bridal bouquets I've worked on this summer finally arrived in Sweden and the husband gave this lovely painting to his very surprised wife the other night. More information about this piece to come in a later post. I shipped off another bridal bouquet to NYC the other day and a notecard set to the giveaway winner who lives in Sweden. Sure, international postage is always more expensive [...]

What’s Going on in the Studio

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I'm currently wrapping up this bridal bouquet - a little different take on the wedding flowers as the clients really enjoyed the perspective of this painting. Cheers to my Aunt Maud, whose rose wine I was enjoying in this photo. She bought it during our trip to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and gave it for my birthday.  

A Painting Fit for a Princess

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It's not every day you ship something to a royal court, and I'm so happy this is finally happening. I painted the Royal Bridal Bouquet a couple of years ago to celebrate the wedding of Sweden's Crown Princess. You can read all about it here. I was holding out hope to actually go to the Castle and drop it off myself. It just wasn't happening so I decided to ship it in time for their wedding anniversary on [...]

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