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Fika Podcast 012 – Cat and Small Biz Talk with I HAVE CAT


In this episode we are having fika with Tamar Arslanian of the successful cat blog I HAVE CAT. How did it become a success, what opportunities has it led to and what have been the key to success for it? Topics How a passion grew into nearly 100K followers [00:01:28] Social media matters for small businesses [00:13:33] Cats, the gateway animal [00:19:36] Opportunities and name dropping [00:21:03] Cat medical advice [00:26:02] The key to Tamar’s success [00:29:01] Tamar’s [...]

Fika Podcast 012 – Cat and Small Biz Talk with I HAVE CAT2019-04-02T18:44:07-04:00

NYC and the MET


We headed to NYC recently to visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET). I had never been to the MET before and it’s one of the world's largest and finest art museums. Slowly but surely I’m crossing off my list of visiting the top 10 art museums in the world.  1. Musee du Louvre, Paris, France 2. Vatican Museums, Vatican City, Rome, Italy (So close! I visited the St Peter's Basilica, but this is next on the to-do [...]

NYC and the MET2013-04-05T19:41:06-04:00

Renderings: Aloha Chic


{Welcome home! The entry in LiveLikeYou.com's newest personality, Aloha Chic.} LiveLikeYou.com recently introduced another interior design personality on its site. This one is a combination of retro island chic with Hawaiian inspired prints and old world flair.  I love all the entry ways that Jill designs. I mean, how happy would you be when the first time you see every time you come home is a pink chair and a green parrot? To be honest, I kinda want [...]

Renderings: Aloha Chic2013-07-17T10:41:02-04:00

Fika Podcast Episode 002: Art, Motherhood and Small Biz Talk with Michelle Armas


We’re back with another great episode of the FIKA podcast where I’m interviewing Michelle Armas on art, motherhood and her small business. Here are some of the topics we discussed: Michelle shares her artist life and how she left her NYC job to go for it [1:22] The relationship between her art and the customer, and the nerve it takes to showcase your art [9:24] Why is being creative a necessity and advice for the creative one [11:19] [...]

Fika Podcast Episode 002: Art, Motherhood and Small Biz Talk with Michelle Armas2019-04-02T18:44:40-04:00

FIKA PODCAST 013 – Spiritual House Cleansing with Cherie Young


In this episode we are having fika with Cherie Young, a masterful healer and teacher, and talking house cleansing and the importance of cleaning both on a physical and an energetic level. She shares lots of different examples from the little girl with night terror, to the remodeling jobs that were completely trashed and the transformations cleansing has made. Topics About Cherie and that biz card [00:01:51] What is healing and how to pick your healer [00:05:07] What [...]

FIKA PODCAST 013 – Spiritual House Cleansing with Cherie Young2019-04-02T18:43:11-04:00

New prints


{Mamma Mia Bedroom} I'm in the process of turning some watercolor renderings into prints right now. I finished a few editions of each room in LiveLikeYou's "Mamma Mia" interior design personality yesterday. Aren't they so adorable? These are small and more intimate prints at 4x4 inches. They are meant to draw you in, as if you are just sneaking a peak into someone's house without anyone noticing. {a 4x4 print next to my business card} They would look [...]

New prints2013-07-17T10:33:40-04:00

My art on the 19th floor in Manhattan


It's not often you drive to Manhattan and back in one day but that's exactly what Casey and I did the other day. I jumped at the opportunity when Felicia Zwebner, a well-known NYC interior designer, wanted some of my pieces in her showroom for a launch party of her furniture line.  The showroom is a beautiful 4-bedroom condo on the 19th floor on the Upper East Side. It has gorgeous dark floors, tall ceilings, white walls, floor-to-ceiling [...]

My art on the 19th floor in Manhattan2013-04-05T19:53:10-04:00

Recessionista Renderings and Behind the Scenes


LiveLikeYou.com launched a new look recently called Recessionista. This is a fun look and for any fashionista on a budget and it's a great way to recession proof your home. Check out all the products on LiveLikeYou.com. Jill and I work together on these renderings where she does all the drawing and I do the watercolor part. It takes a little bit of coordination and here we are in my dining room putting on the finishing touches.  And here are the [...]

Recessionista Renderings and Behind the Scenes2013-07-17T10:33:40-04:00

Currently in the works


{Me and the large Tulip Landscape I'm working on} Hi guys. Just wanted to give you a quick update on how this painting is starting to take shape. If you are recognizing it a little it's because I was inspired by this piece, though it won't look the same. I thought it would be fun to make this perspective on a much bigger scale and the 24x48 inches canvas is just perfect over a bed or a livingroom sofa. [...]

Currently in the works2013-04-08T14:36:54-04:00
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