Original Painting: Grandmother’s Lily of the Valley

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Again, THANK YOU!  I can't adequately express in words how much this means to my family." - K.C. of Reston, Virginia Often the commissions I receive are created to heal, honor and pay respect to the past and the future, while expressing gratitude in the now. Many of my clients reach out to me to heal the loss of a pet for example, or to celebrate love in the form of a bridal bouquet. "Grandmother's Lily of [...]

4 Commission Orders in One Week

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Casey and I headed out to dinner last Friday to Ford's Fish Shack in Ashburn, Virginia. Dining out is fairly usual for us, but we had cause for celebration this time as I received four commission orders within a few days! Eeek! What are they you may wonder? A bridal bouquet painting and three doggy portraits. I'm so excited. I'm fully booked through March and it feels soooo good to look at your calendar knowing you have many, many people [...]

What’s going on in the studio… with the tulips?

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I wrapped up the commission for the beach house in New Jersey, and dropped them off at the Veranda Gallery (were I'm represented in New Haven, NJ) this past Saturday. Casey and I drove up early and spent the day at the beach before making the 4 hour drive home.  But let's look back at the pieces while in progress. With any painting, but especially these big paintings, it's so nice when you get half-way done. You see [...]

What’s going on in the studio?

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Over the last several weeks I've been wrapping up a secret bridal bouquet commission and starting on a commission of two large paintings for a beach house a stone's throw from New York in New Jersey.  I normally can just start working on the piece but because this was through the gallery I'm represented by, I wanted to take a stab at a first draft on smaller pieces.  We had to go with rectangular canvases so while this [...]

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