Postcards from Spain – Part 3

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With polar vortexes and snow delay after snow delay in the DC metro area, let’s feel the warmth of the Mediterranean sea with the last few photos from our trip to Spain in September (remember part 1 and part 2?) For one of the five days we were in Spain, I planted myself by the pool and read and played with the kids in the water. It was a rare opportunity for me and I took it. It was [...]

Postcards from Spain – Part 1

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Now that the short, winter days are here, let's head to Spain! Casey and I went there this past September to meet up with my best friend and her amazingly adorable family who were on vacation from Sweden. I was fighting vacation mode before, remember? Linn and I have known each other since we were 13 and our ties go further back than that as her dad were friends with my parents in their 20's. I find it [...]

What’s going on in the studio?

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So many things are happening right now...  One of my secret bridal bouquets I've worked on this summer finally arrived in Sweden and the husband gave this lovely painting to his very surprised wife the other night. More information about this piece to come in a later post. I shipped off another bridal bouquet to NYC the other day and a notecard set to the giveaway winner who lives in Sweden. Sure, international postage is always more expensive [...]

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