2 Generations – Wrap Up Part 2

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Opening up my artist home and studio to customers brings a unique and intimate experience to people – it’s very few who does this as it’s much more common to take your show on the road – which I may one day do again. This is more of a gallery-feel, but in the intimacy of my home where you see how an artist also lives and paint. It’s a whole different playing field and I’m so glad that old [...]

Open Studio Event – some more photos

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My darling 3-year old niece came carrying these to the Open Studio event. She had chosen the bouquet herself. I loved it. It's almost been a week since the Open Studio event but I'm still so excited about it. I wish I had taken more photos, shot a snippet of video so everyone can feel the vibe, and some product photos of how pretty the 'stations' were. You can get an idea from the photos Casey [...]

Photos from Open Studio 2013

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I have the best customers ever, and many of them came out this past Saturday for my Annual Open Studio Event and I was so thrilled to see them. It's always so fun to get to be face-to-face for a change. This time, as a treat, my friend Lauren from Stella & Dot partnered up with me and sprinkled her colorful jewelry, fun bags and scarves around the house. The event kicked off at Noon and went until [...]

Preparations in Full Swing

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The prepping for the Open Studio this Saturday is in full swing. Last week I worked on a pet portrait while baby sitting the printer. I'm very efficient if I say so myself and love to multitask so I brought the big Epson printer into the studio so I get lots of print jobs done at the same time (can't get the epson working via wireless. ugh). Casey helped me this past weekend to get all the prints [...]

Last Week to RSVP to Open Studio Event

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We'd love to see you! The responses are coming in. Please don't forget to RSVP by Sunday, November 10th if you'd love to join us for a fun afternoon in Reston, VA. Sip on some yummy wine and snacks while enjoying colorful art and jewelry. Perfect time to pick up some fun and original gifts for the holidays.  Everything's 15% off - including original paintings and any custom order you place in person.

Prepping for the Annual Open Studio Event

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Woo hoo! I've started prepping for the Open Studio Event over the last couple of weekends whenever I've had a free moment.  Well, the actual prepping for this year's Open Studio Event started months ago when Lauren and I set a date that would work for us both. I mailed out the "Upcoming Events" postcard early fall, and the invitations went out early October. The photo above is from when I addressed 100 envelopes one early Saturday morning [...]

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