Original Painting: Fanny’s Pet Portrait

"I opened my Christmas present and said out loud: Oh, it’s a pet portrait of a french bulldog. Then I realized, it’s a portrait on MY french bulldog and I immediately burst into tears. This is one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. I'll treasure it always." - M.L. of Virginia Fanny’s portrait is an original pet portrait commissioned by a client in Virginia. He wanted to surprise his wife for Christmas and thought a [...]

Original Painting: Fanny’s Pet Portrait2019-04-04T15:17:22-04:00

Original Painting: Olive’s Portrait

Working with Erica on Olive's pet portrait was an easy and enjoyable process. I appreciated Erica's attention to detail, advice and consultation with me during the creation of the painting. I couldn't be happier with the end product. The details are amazing and it looks exactly like Olive, right down to the asymmetrical pattern on her nose and lines on her face.  We'll enjoy this painting for decades to come!" - B.L. of Virginia Last year I [...]

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Weekend of Good Fortune

Wishing you a fun and playful weekend with this stunning piece "Good Fortune" by my artist friend, Gene Gregorio.

Weekend of Good Fortune2014-01-27T10:14:57-04:00

Original Painting: Jax Portrait

Jax and Mosby look quite adorable with their side by side brother portraits.  Erica does great work – she really captures the dogs’ expressions.  And we like her personally.  She’s great. - S.K. of Virginia Jax's Portrait  is an original painting commissioned by a client from Virginia who wanted to capture her daughter’s dog on canvas. This was the client’s second custom order as I had the honor of painting Mosby the previous year, also her daughter’s dog. It is a [...]

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Photos from Cocktails & Canvases, Oct. 5

View the video above for a glimpse into what one of my Cocktails & Canvases painting events are like. Click here if the video isn't working above. Saturday's Cocktails & Canvases was so fun to host. We had a full group which started as a normal event but until mid-day Friday I decided to make the event FREE to everyone. Why?  Well, the government shutdown is affecting everyone, but especially in and around the DC area where so many [...]

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Photos from Cocktails & Canvases Sept 14

I'm back! Back in the country after a few days in Spain. I'll tell you all about it at a later point (nudging the hubby for some good photos), but first some photos from the Cocktails & Canvases I hosted this past Saturday, a tad jet lagged. It was a small group of 3 peeps (out of the 10 seats available) and it was perfect because it was the second day back from vacation for me). Cherie, Suzanne [...]

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Original Painting: Tara’s Bridal Bouquet

Tara's Bridal Bouquet - original painting, 18x18 inches   The painting is AMAZING! I can’t thank you enough! I know how much love and talent went into this project and I am so excited to have such a special gift for my daughter-in-law! She is going to cherish this, I know! Tara's Bridal Bouquet was commissioned by a client who gave this as a gift to her future daughter-in-law at her bridal shower. Since the wedding hadn't happened yet, [...]

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Cocktails & Canvases Fall Schedule

It's back! Cocktails & Canvases are making a return for the Fall and there will be 3 Saturday's available for some fun painting. Check out the events page for dates, new information and to register.  

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What’s Going on in the Studio

I'm currently wrapping up this bridal bouquet - a little different take on the wedding flowers as the clients really enjoyed the perspective of this painting. Cheers to my Aunt Maud, whose rose wine I was enjoying in this photo. She bought it during our trip to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and gave it for my birthday.  

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