Original Painting: Fanny’s Pet Portrait

"I opened my Christmas present and said out loud: Oh, it’s a pet portrait of a french bulldog. Then I realized, it’s a portrait on MY french bulldog and I immediately burst into tears. This is one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. I'll treasure it always." - M.L. of Virginia Fanny’s portrait is an original pet portrait commissioned by a client in Virginia. He wanted to surprise his wife for Christmas and thought a [...]

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Original Painting: Olive’s Portrait

Working with Erica on Olive's pet portrait was an easy and enjoyable process. I appreciated Erica's attention to detail, advice and consultation with me during the creation of the painting. I couldn't be happier with the end product. The details are amazing and it looks exactly like Olive, right down to the asymmetrical pattern on her nose and lines on her face.  We'll enjoy this painting for decades to come!" - B.L. of Virginia Last year I [...]

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Original Painting: Maggie’s Portrait

It is so perfect it looks like a photograph. Beautiful! - L.M. of Texas Maggie’s Portrait is an original painting commissioned by a man in Texas whose golden retriever is 11 years old. He shared with me that while she shows her age in some ways, she is very much a young dog at heart. She loves taking her toy out in the backyard and roll back and forth. She throws it up in the air and catches [...]

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The making of Luke

Darling Luke was such a wonderful dog to paint. It was the third portrait this client ordered from me and the first dog, her pride and joy. She had rescued him when he was a little wee one and at the time I painted his portrait, he was 16 years. Sadly he passed away shortly after the painting was complete, and the painting, which was ordered to be a tribute to his long and beautiful life, is now [...]

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What’s going on in the studio?

So many things are happening right now...  One of my secret bridal bouquets I've worked on this summer finally arrived in Sweden and the husband gave this lovely painting to his very surprised wife the other night. More information about this piece to come in a later post. I shipped off another bridal bouquet to NYC the other day and a notecard set to the giveaway winner who lives in Sweden. Sure, international postage is always more expensive [...]

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