Throwback to Caroline’s Pet Portrait

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Ahhh Caroline's Pet Portrait from last Spring. I met her in real life months after finishing and it was a moving experience bringing tears to my eyes. ”I KNOW YOU” - my whole being said to this beautiful rescue pup I’ve shared countless of hours together with in my studio. There is an intimate connection between me and the pet I paint. It’s like they are in the studio with me cheering me on and keeping [...]

Reflecting on Chunky’s Pet Portrait

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I’ve got mom brain. I can barely remember what day it is but I do remember how to paint and Chunky's Pet Portrait is a sanctuary. He is guiding me into what this new season in life is for me. Between spit ups, blow outs, potty training and the Virginia heat wave, painting for me is being in direct alignment with the Universe. At least I got this down. Here, I don’t have to think. Here, [...]

My favorite lion

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A photo posted by Erica Eriksdotter (@studioeriksdotter) on Nov 20, 2015 at 9:48am PST It's not often I fall madly in love with my own art. Like, sure I like all my art but this piece has me wrapped around its finger. I don't think I could sell a piece if I wasn't proud of it, but liking it so much I decided to keep it to myself? Nah, that doesn't happen often. So what makes this piece [...]

Calling all swedes abroad

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There are so many Swedes living outside of the boarders, 550 000 to be exact – a pretty large number when there are only 9 million in total. I’m one of them, and my family and friends make up a few more. […]

The Making of Evans Farm

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Evans Farm was my first painting and first commission of 2014 and it was a little rough getting back into the studio after a 3-week break. I started out slow before the familiarity took over and I found my self immersed in thousands of tiny brushstrokes and details. I shared a couple of photos from the studio during January when I worked on it here and here. Don’t forget to check out the video since it shows the tiny brushstrokes. […]

What’s Going on in the Studio?

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I'm so behind in showing off the beautiful pets I've been painting this Spring. I'll get there eventually!  I wrapped up this darling portrait of Daisy this Memorial weekend. It was a Christmas gift to a wonderful Mother, and the dog was a treat to paint.  Now I'm working on another pet portrait of a dog that looks very much like Bubba!

What’s Going on in the Studio?

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Besides the eBay auction (listings ends around Noon eastern time), I just wrapped up a pet portrait as a birthday present from a client for a wife and have started working on a couple of more pet portraits that are also gifts. Casey and I are also in the process of making some new limited editions that will be available at the 2 Generation show on May 3. Anyways, since I really can't show you any glimpses of [...]

Tulips for His Sweetheart

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Last year for my anniversary Michael purchased my favorite painting. During all of this gloomy weather "Tulips" reminds of the beauty that will come with warmer weather. It brightens my living room and my life daily! - W.W. of Virginia She had been eyeing those tulips for a long time, and now they are hers. What a sweet husband. Do you have an "Eriksdotter" print or painting at home? Feel free to pin it to this board. I [...]