Joining the Motherhood

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Even at an early age, I knew I never wanted to have children. It was never a question in my mind. Just wasn’t my thing. I knew I wanted to follow my drive of building a career, owning my business and creating/evolving as a human. I married a man who was of similar mindset and we looked forward to growing old together – exploring the world and collecting adventures – just the two of us. It’s a good thing you are [...]

Pottery Play Time at LibertyTown

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In one of the healing workshop last year, I was divinely guided to play with pottery and it just happens that one of my best friend’s owns a pottery studio. Funny how it had never entered my mind to try pottery with DD even though I have always wanted to try it. Weird. Anyways, Casey and I headed down for some fun. […]

The Story of My Rings

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For our 5 year anniversary earlier this year, Casey and I decided to get wedding bands and to my surprise I ended up with a new engagement ring too! Eek. Since it was a creative process I think it’s only fair I share it here with you with up-close photos of the rings (I always wanted one of those wedding photos of my rings – thank you Mr. Collings for helping me check off my list!) Why has it taken [...]

Invitation to Wellness

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It has been a long time coming and I’m ready to announce that I’m expanding the studio to include individual healing sessions! If you’ve followed me for a while it comes as no surprise to you as I’ve shared my studies with Master Healers Colette Chase and Cherie Young on the blog. I talk frequently about connecting with energies and intuition through my art, and how healing and my art is very much one. Art customers have shared how [...]

A favor of financial healing for Colette

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Cherie and Colette Hello lovelies, You may recall that I became certified healer last summer and my Master Teacher is the wonderfully fiercely compassionate and infinitely giving woman Colette. In early 2009, I participated in my first workshop with her and it really changed my life. I wasn’t sure what was wrong with me but I didn’t feel like myself. I was used to having so much energy and being creative, but I could barely do [...]

Pets and Energy

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The wonderful PAO workshop with Cherie took place this past weekend. It was my second time sponsoring in my home and I feel it’s such an honor to facilitate a safe place of healing for people who would like to evolve and ‘step up’ into a higher consciousness.  Just like the first time, Lola took her seat the moment I formed the circle with the chairs. And while I won’t discuss what took place in the workshop, let [...]

Spring Cleaning Update

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The spring cleaning continues in our household (see tips below!) and we’re donating and selling stuff we no longer have use for. Neither Casey or I likes to collect stuff and I would consider myself a master declutter (moving from Sweden with only a few precious items helps) but it all adds up after years of living together, like the expensive cooling system Casey used after his surgery or the three guitars he is no longer playing. Not to [...]


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Forgive me for totally disappearing on the blog. I've focusing on rejuvenating and restoring myself, and saving energy for the paintings I'm currently working on instead of putting it on everything else that goes into running my art studio, including the blog. One of these TLC moments in between painting was this past Memorial day on the patio. What a luxury to just be still and read a book to the views of a blossoming wisteria, lush greens, and [...]

Instagram Moments

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You can follow me on instagram as it’s so quick and easy for me to share what is going on in my life and in the studio and let’s take a look at some of my favorite moments recently. A ‘what’s going on in the studio?’ update is in the works for next week. //  Dinner and a stroll in Old Town Alexandria – one of our favorite places //  This is how we nap  //  Posing next to [...]

The Desk Brought a New Friend

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Lola taking one last stand on the desk The desk I bought for the studio several years ago was sold this past weekend on Craigslist and I feel so lucky to have met the buyer! We clicked right away and as she pondered over buying the desk she fell in love with my art. Casey and I ended up delivering not only my desk, but another piece I was selling as well, plus a few art [...]

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