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New prints


{Mamma Mia Bedroom} I'm in the process of turning some watercolor renderings into prints right now. I finished a few editions of each room in LiveLikeYou's "Mamma Mia" interior design personality yesterday. Aren't they so adorable? These are small and more intimate prints at 4x4 inches. They are meant to draw you in, as if you are just sneaking a peak into someone's house without anyone noticing. {a 4x4 print next to my business card} They would look [...]

New prints2013-07-17T10:33:40-04:00

What’s going on in the studio?


{acrylic in progress} I'm still trying to finish this pink explosion of ranunculus. The goal was to have it done by this past weekend but my birthday 'got in the way' so it just had to wait. It's getting there and I may have it done later this afternoon. It's feels like it's taking too long even though I haven't spent too many hours on it. I guess it's just one of those projects that feels like they'll [...]

What’s going on in the studio?2013-07-17T10:25:49-04:00

Rendering it is


{working on another fun entry way for LiveLikeYou.com} I've been working on a few renderings for LiveLikeYou.com lately. They are launching a new look tomorrow - Aloha Chic. It's such a fun look, mixing lots of wonderful colors together and several of my paintings are included in this look.  Here's a great sneak peak! For more of my watercolor renderings, check out the commissions gallery. xo,e. 

Rendering it is2013-07-17T10:26:09-04:00

Recessionista Renderings and Behind the Scenes


LiveLikeYou.com launched a new look recently called Recessionista. This is a fun look and for any fashionista on a budget and it's a great way to recession proof your home. Check out all the products on LiveLikeYou.com. Jill and I work together on these renderings where she does all the drawing and I do the watercolor part. It takes a little bit of coordination and here we are in my dining room putting on the finishing touches.  And here are the [...]

Recessionista Renderings and Behind the Scenes2013-07-17T10:33:40-04:00

Knock Out Abuse wrap up


I attended the the 17th Annual Knock Out Abuse Against Women Annual fundraising gala in Washington, D.C. recently. What an event! I had donated my “Closed Tulip III” to the silent auction and had the honor of attending as the co-founder's, Jill Sorensen, guest! Standing next to my darling, "Closed Tulip III," which is the painting I donated to Knock Out Abuse. The proceeds of the painting went to benefit women and children of domestic abuse. (sorry for [...]

Knock Out Abuse wrap up2013-04-05T20:11:27-04:00

Featured in TRADhome


Well, MOI is not exactly featured but my art work is! The new online magazine of Traditional Home and Lonny, "TRADhome," featured Jill Sorensen and her upcoming design site LiveLikeYou.com recently and one of my renderings is included in the piece! YAY! {see the top pic? It's my watercolor rending of Jill's Modern Bachelor living room. It's just one of many style personalities that will be offered on her interior design shopping site} Check out Jill's blog post [...]

Featured in TRADhome2013-04-05T20:13:23-04:00

Three’s Company


{Three is company: Mirja's Bridal Bouquet (24x24), Royal Bridal Bouquet (24x18) and Caroline's Bridal Bouquet (18x18)} It's not often I have three bridal bouquets in the studio at the same time, so Casey snapped this photo of before I was heading out to watch Chris Botti at Wolf Trap yesterday. I always find it helpful to see a painting next to a person or a piece of furniture you know the size of (my chair). What also is [...]

Three’s Company2013-04-05T20:14:45-04:00

More beautiful studio space


I just can't help myself! Everytime I browse my favorite blogs I see spaces that just would be perfect for an art studio... How about this gorgeous porch from Material Girls! I wouldn't move! Look at all those windows, trees in the backyard and all that natural light.  My friend over at LiveLikeYou did a post on her summer house in Sweden a few months ago. It's so classic Swedish country life! I would turn this room into my art [...]

More beautiful studio space2013-04-08T15:16:45-04:00

To the frame shop we go


{Deb from Farm Girl Framing works out of her basement, which I swear is larger than my house! She takes the time to show you all the options that would highlight your painting or photograph.} It was a busy weekend for me. So much so I thought my pulse was going to reach an all time high yesterday. Besides finishing a bridal bouquet and photographing it, doing a few rendingerings for LiveLikeYou.com, and shooting a bridal bouquet video, I took [...]

To the frame shop we go2013-04-05T20:01:45-04:00

Mentions in the Press


Benjamine Moore's Nuance magazine profiled Jill Sorensen and LiveLikeYou recently and one of the renderings I do for the company was included. Yay! I can't draw to save my life so Jill is the artist when it comes to the sketching and then I come in with watercolors and do the actual painting. We've been a good team so far. It's always nice to see your own work in magazines and Jill is a rockstar in the media [...]

Mentions in the Press2013-04-17T19:05:02-04:00
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