Open Studio Event – some more photos

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My darling 3-year old niece came carrying these to the Open Studio event. She had chosen the bouquet herself. I loved it. It's almost been a week since the Open Studio event but I'm still so excited about it. I wish I had taken more photos, shot a snippet of video so everyone can feel the vibe, and some product photos of how pretty the 'stations' were. You can get an idea from the photos Casey [...]

Photos from Open Studio 2013

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I have the best customers ever, and many of them came out this past Saturday for my Annual Open Studio Event and I was so thrilled to see them. It's always so fun to get to be face-to-face for a change. This time, as a treat, my friend Lauren from Stella & Dot partnered up with me and sprinkled her colorful jewelry, fun bags and scarves around the house. The event kicked off at Noon and went until [...]

Photos from Cocktails & Canvases, Oct. 5

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View the video above for a glimpse into what one of my Cocktails & Canvases painting events are like. Click here if the video isn't working above. Saturday's Cocktails & Canvases was so fun to host. We had a full group which started as a normal event but until mid-day Friday I decided to make the event FREE to everyone. Why?  Well, the government shutdown is affecting everyone, but especially in and around the DC area where so many [...]

Diana’s Cocktails & Canvases – May 11

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How adorable is this group!? Seriously, they were a blast to host. They laughing, singing and were very focused on their paintings. They loved seeing my paintings and learning some techniques. They really didn't need any help from me but I joined in on the fun as well. This was Diana's private Cocktails & Canvases which means she had reserved a spot for 6 people and they had a personal event page to register at (password protected and everything). [...]

Photos from Cocktails & Canvases May 4

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The Spring Art Auction 2013 is coming towards the end, let's look back at some recent "Cocktails & Canvases". The May 4th Cocktails & Canvases went off without a hitch, accept a last minute cancellation.  I'm always excited when we have a packed house but oh well - nothing we can do about that. You know I love the drink menu right? Well, I must have been craving summer because I added mojitos to this event. And though [...]

Host your own private event

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Now you can book your own PRIVATE 'Cocktails & Canvases' and get the 6 seat for free!  Enjoy drinks and snacks while you laugh and paint with your friends! Perfect for a birthday or bachelorette party, or just a fun time with your friends.  This is a 3-hour painting party hosted by myself. No experience required to join this class held in my home in Reston, VA. You will get your own password protected registration page where your [...]

Photos from Cocktails and Canvases – April 6

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Cheers to another successful and delicious Cocktails & Canvases! This fun group gathered at my home Saturday, ready and open for a creative time. We were swaying, and singing along to the music and chatting while making our masterpieces. What a fun group! We're missing Angela here who painted a yellow lotus. Aren't they all such fun pieces? Focused moments are mixed with laughter! I help when needed but honestly, even people who think they can't even draw stick [...]