Jess’ work in progress

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I loved working on Jess' bridal bouquet earlier this Summer, and I'm itching to paint another one. The painting was commissioned as a birthday gift from a friend. My clients are the most thoughtful people. I will share the final once I get it posted here on the site.

Original Painting: Grandmother’s Lily of the Valley

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Again, THANK YOU!  I can't adequately express in words how much this means to my family." - K.C. of Reston, Virginia Often the commissions I receive are created to heal, honor and pay respect to the past and the future, while expressing gratitude in the now. Many of my clients reach out to me to heal the loss of a pet for example, or to celebrate love in the form of a bridal bouquet. "Grandmother's Lily of [...]

Limited Editions – Unwavering Tulips

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New stuff has been added to the shop and I’m thrilled to share these darling limited editions with you! And please ignore the horrible reflections – yikes!  It’s so hard photographing prints behind a glass but I hope you get the idea… The Unwavering Tulip – Yellow and Unwavering Tulip – Magenta were introduced at the 2 Generations art show and I picked them up at the framer last week to get them photographed and added to the shop. They [...]

Original Paintings: Unwavering Tulips

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We've seen how these two paintings came together over the last month (here and here), and it started with a commission through a gallery in New Jersey who represents my work. A client really liked the pieces in the gallery but wanted two specific pieces for his living room at his beach house. He wanted two individual pieces that had some sort of common thread so they looked like they belonged together, and he knew he wanted rectangular [...]

What’s Going on in the Studio

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I'm currently wrapping up this bridal bouquet - a little different take on the wedding flowers as the clients really enjoyed the perspective of this painting. Cheers to my Aunt Maud, whose rose wine I was enjoying in this photo. She bought it during our trip to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and gave it for my birthday.  

What’s going on in the studio… with the tulips?

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I wrapped up the commission for the beach house in New Jersey, and dropped them off at the Veranda Gallery (were I'm represented in New Haven, NJ) this past Saturday. Casey and I drove up early and spent the day at the beach before making the 4 hour drive home.  But let's look back at the pieces while in progress. With any painting, but especially these big paintings, it's so nice when you get half-way done. You see [...]

Paint your own nature…

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“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” –Henry Ward Beecher print: Flowers in the Air This painting reminds me of Dr. Seuss: how tall, lanky and colorful the trees and plants were in his books. Sometimes they were fluffy or crooked. They withstood the laws of gravity and physics. I always admired his creativity and his ability to bring life to something so fictitious. Never with my own [...]

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